MARV-IN stands for Multidimensional Astral Research Vessel, Series I, November class. It is the first run of civilian semi-luxury, XD Star drive cruisers designed for extended voyages across the galaxy. It is manufactured by Virgin Galactic on Earth in the 2350's.

The Younger Brother Pear is the only N-class ever manufactured, as it was designed specially for the Astrophilosophy department of U. Berkley-Shanghai. Special features include an ancient film screen, compartmentalized variable gravity controls, extradimensional trans-existence paradox sensors, smuggler compartments on every deck, and detox-rehab facilities.

The MARV is actually two vehicles. The main portion of the MARV is the living and research space and contains the interstellar drive engine. The other is a SHITS, the interplanetary shuttle and landing craft which docks with and provides sublight propulsion for the main vessel.

MARV-IN Main Features
Superluminal Dive: Extradimensional Strange-core Neutron Star Drive
Sublight Drive: Dual He3-DT Fusion drive (on SHITS) w/ Bussard Ramjet turbocharger
Backup ion drive
Emergency solar sail
Aurora particle shielding
Carbon-fiber Lead composite Hull
1 Forward Probe/Torpedo launch tube
2 Full spectrum, high intensity pulse Lasers
1 Particle beam cannon, civilian defense grade
Internal Microwave emitters
Q-Net uplinks
Hi-Res X-Ray camera
Ultra Hi-Res Visible Spectrum camera
Life support: Self-sustaining hydroponics
3 Labs
1 Computing office
1 Conference room
10 crew rooms
Fully equipped galley
Full medical bay
3 Shuttle hanger
Optional pool/spa
4 Android Crew(Butler, Chef, Maid, and Autopilot)
8 Cleaner drones
4 Security drones (non-lethal)
Crew: 8 (Captain, First Officer, Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Security, SciMed, InfoCom)
Passengers: 20
Dimensions: 26m high, 44m diameter
Empty Mass: 300 tons
Max. Load: 2500 tons
XD fuel mass: 120 billion kg
Engine efficiency: 12.5%
Theoretical Max. Velocity: 55,000 C
Acceleration: 11 C/s
Time to Max. Velocity: 1 hour, 23 minutes, 20 seconds
Cross Galaxy Time: 1.8 years

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