Name: Thunderhorse
Occupation: Horseman
Origin: The Winterlands
Era: 31st Year of Nathan II, ~1068 CE
Sector: E447-66.8

A large man of Goeth heritage, Thunderhorse is skilled in the arts of drinking and swinging an axe. He is dark haired, brown eyed, about 6'2 and 190 lbs, much of which is beer-gut. He has an uncanny ability with his horse, Lightning. The two of them grew up together in the small fishing village of Hilton. The woman who would be his wife, Jazelle (an outstanding cook and deadly with a skillet), was kidnapped, raped, and executed by the lord Nathan the Pickled. Thunderhorse's driving force in life is vengence against Nathan and the ruling class of the Tower of Venis.

Level 3 XP: 4907 Next: 6000 S
kill: 0
Str: 17 (+3) Hp: 22/26
Dex: 13 (+1) Chi: 3/3
Con: 15 (+2) Ref: 1(2) Fort: 1(3) Will: 0(0)
Int: 07 (-2) Atk: 4 Melee: 7 Ranged: 5
Wis: 11 (+0) Def: 12
Dodge: +1 Armor: +3 (+4/+6 vs. Particles), Helmet+1
Cha: 10 (+0) Init: 0 (+1/+0) Move: 5

Hand-to-Hand (1d6 NL)
Axes, Battleaxes
Light Armor
Horse Riding 8 (+9)
Firearms, Advanced Firearms
Burst Fire (-4 attack, double damage)
Combat Reflexes (2 attacks of opportunity)

Wisdom Focus




Lighting - Deceased
Medium War Horse
HP: 24 Chi: 1
Atk: +2 Def: 13
Dmg: 2x 1d6 hooves
Movement: 15