Captain Mark Daniels

Name: Cpt. Mark Danials
Occupation: Soldier
Origin: Detroit, Michigan, Earth
Era: 1835 CE
Sector: E636-48.9

Mark Daniels was born in Detroit, Michigan in1803. His father was a Revolutionary War veteran who moved to Detroit after the war. From a young age Mark was groomed as a soldier. He was taught to shoot muskets and rifles, and grew up hunting deer and wolves. When he was 18, he joined the Michigan militia. He fought in many engagements with Native American tribes while stationed at Fort Miami and Shelby. At the age of 28 he was promoted to Captain. He and his unit, the 21st, earned a reputation when he lead an assault on a local Chippewa tribe thought to be attacking settlers.

Level 3 XP: 3821 Next: 6000 Skill: 0
Str: 15 (+2) HP: 24/24
Dex: 16 (+3) Chi: 3/3
Con: 14 (+2) Ref: 2(4) Fort: 1(3) Will: 0(0/2)
Int: 12 (+1) Atk: 4 Melee: 6 Ranged: 7
Wis: 11 (+0) Def: 11 Dodge: +3 Armor: +3 (+4/+6 vs
Cha: 09 (-1) Init: 0 (+3/-1) Move: 5

Blades, Swords
Firearms, Advanced Firearms
Rifle Proficiency (+2 to shoot rifles)
Long Shot (+50% distance w/ firearms)
Dead Aim (+4 to attack w/ full round aiming)
Precise Shot (Negate -4 to fire into melee)
Combat Awareness (Not flat-footed before combat)
Light Armor
Ride Horses 4 (+7)


Self Centered Asshole



Hover Sentry Guards
Small Hoverbot
HP: 30 Chi: 0
Atk: +5 Def: 15
Zap Prod: 1d6 non-lethal, Stun 1 round (Fort save DC 15)

Tranq. Darts: Range, 30'. Unconscious 2d6 hours (Fort save DC 30)
Pain Field: Save Reflex DC 20 or Flee
Mace: Range 5'. Stunned for 1d4 rounds and Blind 1d4 hours (Rflx save DC 15)
Movement: 20
Movement relies on ship's magnetic field and gravity control systems. Does not function in other non-microgravity environments.
Can control all security locks on all ship's doors
Provides video feed to monitoring stations
Can controls ship's microwave emitters, air pressure, and gravity
Has thermal, visual, and air pressure sensors
Can access ship's internal cameras and sensors.
Can function in micro-gravity extra vehicular environments
Functions up 3 hours in a vacuum before internally overheating.
Fire resistant
Vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses

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