Reunited at Last

Doc briefly considers what might happen if he spent the night in a tower full of angry vikings and the monks who had taken advantage of their women. He quickly decides it would not go very well, and that they should leave tonight.

He pulls the vikings aside while they wait for the girls. "The instant we get the girls down here, we're leaving."

Thunderhorse does not like this idea. "We've come all this way. We will have our revenge."

"I ain't gonna let you kill no monks or no preachers," Mark interrupts.

"Shut-up, Mark. Remember Rule 1: Do No Harm. We've got what we came for, and I can guarantee that the Abbot will never bother you again."

"Only the Pickled's blood will satisfy justice. He has killed our families and raped our women," says Fairhairson.

"Perhaps, but not today. Today we take our victory and return home. We've got more important things to worry about than killing an old man who will die alone and without honor soon, anyway. Like rebuilding your village and your lives."

To Doc's relief, the Vikings seem to accept this as a reasonable course of action. It helps that they are instantly distracted from their thoughts of vengeance by the arrival of the womenfolk. The three from Hilton approach them, while the rest huddle around the fire, unsure of what is going on or what to do.

Skye tears off her habit and runs to Fairhairson and they embrace, crying. Tempesta lunges at Skullfucker, who pretends to be in discomfort but Doc can tell he's really happy to have her back. Jazelle marches smartly towards Thunderhorse, who awaits her with open arms. She throws a mean right hook, bloodying his lip.

"You stupid bastard! What took you so long?!"


"Five insufferable years of slaving for that old man and his limp fish dick! And just where the hell were you?!"


She catches him with a left hook. "We slaved away! Momma got killed trying to get us out, but were you there to help? NO! Her bones are still splayed on the wall!

"There was-"

She catches him with the right again. "I don't want any of your shit excuses! Now, did you kill that ugly wrinkled bastard yet or what?"


Before she can hit him again, Doc steps in. "No, ma'am, he's still alive."

"Well why the fuck not?! Get up there and kill him this instant! Or do I have to do everything myself?"

Doc continues. "Negotiating your release was difficult enough. We need to get out of here while we can. We can deal with him later."

The monks who have decided to stay and continue their study of the stars have already retired to their quarters. The eight who decided otherwise still sit in the dining hall, discussing their situation in sharp whispers, occasionally glaring at Doc and the vikings. A spokesman finally decides to approach.

Jazelle continues yelling. "DEAL WITH HIM NOW! I'm not going anywhere until-"

Doc shushes her and turns his attention to the approaching pack of monks. "May I help you, gentlemen?"

"Yeh. Ye' kin giv'es back are wimen," the spokesmonk says.

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that," Doc instructs them.

"We had a gud thin goin here, an ye took it from us. We aim te get it back." The band of monks agree. "Now ye kin jes goh, an leave the girls behind, or we'll hafta kill ye. Now, whas it goin'ta be?"


ERR said...

Doc charisma check 15 roll + 4 cha =19 vs. Thunderhorse 17 roll, Doc wins XP+17.
Jazelle Punches Thunderhorse x3, 7 dmg NL
Doc charisma check 12 roll +4 cha = 16 vs. Jazelle 18 roll+ 3 cha, Doc fails

Doc said...

"You sir, are a monk and have taken vows of poverty and chastity. Do those mean nothing to you? You have promised to follow the ways of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do you not remember the most basic of rules to being a Christian? Thou shall not kill. You have made slaves of these women just as pharoah held the Israelites in bondage and now that the Red Sea has parted for us and we are leaving, you would mount your chariots to ride us down and kill us all? Unlike Cain, I am my brothers keeper. This (pointing to Thunderhorse) is my brother and I intend to keep him. You have held his wife for five long years and now they are reunited. I am willing to forgive your trangressions but don't think for a second that he has. If you make one aggresive move, he will slay you all and burn this place to the ground. Do not underestimate our ability to do you harm. If you attack us, it will be you who lines a fresh grave in the morning, not us. Look at these men, (gestures to the Vikings) they are hardened by a thousand battles, killed men by the hundreds and even now, they lust to spill your blood like so many before. So ask yourself brother, do you want to die on a cold night for a piece of ass? Take my advice and in the morning go to Bridgetown and aid the people there. I'm certain that there are some young widows who would welcome your 'counsel' and your warm advances in the night. Don't throw your God-given life away on some hill girl who would knife you in her sleep if she could."

"So what do you say brother? Are you really ready to meet your maker tonight?"

Really sell this one. I want to get out of here without any blood on our hands and we are almost to the door. If I can just bullshit my way past these eight disgruntled monks, then we only have to worry about the cold from here on out and if Jazelle will beat the tar out of Thunderhorse. If we fight these guys now, it will bring the whole place down on us and we will be forced to take lives as there is no good way to fend them off without using firearms as my melee is all of 2 and this just doesn't seem like the kind of situation that I fall back on my switchblade. I'm sure these guys have great hand-to-hand skills and my .44 is what I'd reach for first.

If this doesn't convince him, offer to let him fight Thunderhorse in a fair fight.