Campus Fuzz

"[Catch him, don't hurt him!]" Doc yells at Thunderhorse in German as he drops to his knees, placing the fake ID on the ground in front of him.

Orbital University Earth Campus Security are not messing around. One of them immediately trains a gun-like device at Mark. A red light quietly shows that the trigger is being pulled. Mark's hands immediately cover his ears. He staggers a bit then drops to his knees while the officer runs up towards him.

Thunderhorse meanwhile is running after Mark. Two more of the OUECS accidentally drop their guns on the floor while trying to draw them from their holsters while wearing gloves. A fourth manages to pull his gun and fire at Thunderhorse. The little red light lights up. Thunderhorse slows and stops, putting his hands to his ears. He groans and roars as he tries to fight whatever is going on in his head, but then he too drops to his knees.

Four of the security guards sweep towards Mark and Thunderhorse, their guns still active and trained on them. The fumbling rookies pick up their guns and start scanning ID badges. Two security officers tackle the pair while the other two maintain keep their weapons leveled at them. Thunderhorse starts crying from the pain the weapon is causing him. A guard tosses Mark' sword out of his hands. Once the cuffs are on, they lower the guns.

The instant the weapons are lowered, the pain is gone. Mark quickly regains his senses. He rolls out from under the cop and struggles to his knees. The CS officer tries to knock him back down to no avail. His partner draws a nightstick with two copper rings around the tip. He hits Mark on the back with it. Mark gets a jolt of electricity and slumps forward again. The partner joins in holding him down.

The officer holding Thunderhorse keeps him down while his partner grabs him. Thunderhorse kicks back the officer pinning him down. He quickly tries to tackle him again but can't push the massive viking down by himself. His partner quickly assists, though, and together they pin Thunderhorse back on the floor. He struggles against the two but can't get up. The first draws his stun stick and whacks him on the back of the head. Thunderhorse shakes off the voltage.

The two rookies, who had been scanning IDs, taking statements, and releasing students finally react to the resistance Thunderhorse and Mark had been giving the others. They rush the stage with their shock sticks drawn. One hits Mark square on the head, even though he was very neatly pinned by two other cops. Mark goes limp. The other rookie hits Thunderhorse, which just pisses him off.

Thunderhorse roars as he throws his restrainer to the ground. His victory is short lived, however as the other cop tackles him again. If not for the handcuffs, Thunderhorse would've brushed him aside. The thrown cop gets up quickly and rejoins the fray, while the rookie whacks the viking again. This time the voltage does its job and Thunderhorse is paralyzed with electric shock. They knock him to the ground. The rookie takes another swing and this time Thunderhorse stops struggling.

Meanwhile, some of the now unattended students start getting up and sneaking off. Dr. Ritenrong slides quietly off the stage during the fracas and motions for Doc to do the same.


ERR said...

Round 1:
Initiative: Mark 13, TH 9, OUECS 24

OUECS1 Attacks Mark w/ Sonic Blaster: 9 (5+4) vs. Mark Reflex save 7 (3+4) Hit. Disoriented, Will save 9 vs. 15, Failed, Stunned.

OUECS2 Attacks Thunderhorse w/ Sonic Blaster: 1 Critical failure.

OUECS3 Attacks Thunderhorse w/ Sonic Blaster: 1 Critical failure. No way, dude

OUECS4 Attacks Thunderhorse w/ Sonic Blaster: 20 (16+4) vs. Reflex Save 18 Hit, Disoriented. Will save 11 vs. 15 Failed, Wis focus -1 chi save+3=14, Failed. Stunned

Round 2: 24 seconds passed
Initiative: OUECS 16, Mark 7, TH 20

Thunderhorse Will Save 1 CRIT FAIL

OUECS 5 Pins Thunderhorse (Stunned), Sonic Blast disengaged, Handcuffed
OUECS 6 Pins Mark (Stunned), Sonic Blast disengaged, Disarmed, cuffed

Mark Will save 9 vs 15 Failed

Round 3: 48 seconds passed
Initiative TH 9, OUECS 16/12, Mark 16/18

Mark Break Pin: 17 (17+4-4 cuffs) vs OUECS 5: 7 (4+3), Escaped Pin

OUECS 6 Attempts Pin: 8(5+3) vs Mark 10 (10+4-4 cuffs), Failed
OUECS 1 Attacks Mark, StunStick: 15(10+5) vs. Mark 11 Hit, dmg 6 NL ; Fort save 5(2+3) vs DC15 Failed, Stunned for 1 round. HP: 10 (NL)
OUECS 5 Maintains Pin on Thunderhorse
OUECS 4 Joins grapple vs. Thunderhorse: Attack 14 (11+3) vs. Th Def 4(12-4-4 cuffs pinned) succeeds.

Thunderhorse Break Pin: 17( 16+5-4 cuffs) vs. 14 (11+3) Succeeded.

Round 4: 1:24 passed
Initiative: Mark: Stunned, OUECS: 12, TH: 8

OUECS 6 Maintains Pin
OUECS 1 Joins Grapple vs. Mark: 8(5+3) vs. Def 5 (11-4-2) success
OUECS 5 Pin vs. Thunderhorse: 17(14+3) vs. 19(18+5-4) failed
OUECS 4 Pin vs. Thunderhorse: 14(11+3) vs. 7 (6+5-4) succeeded.

Thunderhorse Break Pin: 14(13+5-4) vs. 20 (17+3) Failed.

Round 5: 1:54
Initiative: OUECS: 19, TH: 11, Mark: 7

OUECS 5 attack Thunderhorse, StunStick: 12 (6+5) vs. 8(12-4) Hit, 3 dmg NL, Fort save 16 vs. 15, Saved HP 15 (NL)
OUECS 4 Maintains Pin vs TH
OUECS 1 Pin vs. Mark: 11(8+3) vs. 7 (11-4) success
OUECS 6 Maintains Pin vs Mark
OUECS 2 attacks Mark, StunStick 24(19+5) vs 7(11-4) success, Dmg 10 NL, Fort Save 20(17+3) vs. 15, Saved, HP: 0
OUECS3 attacks Thunderhorse, StunStick: 16(11+5) vs. 8(12-4) Hit, Dmg 6 NL, Fort Save 17 vs. 15 Saved, HP 9

Thunderhorse Break Pin attempt: 8(7+5-4) vs. 1 Crit Fail! Grapple broken

Mark: Knocked out

Round 6- 2:42 passed
Init: OUECS 23 vs. TH 4

OUECS 5 attempt Pin TH: 5(2+3) vs. 4 (3+5-4) Success
OUECS 4 Join grapple TH: 16(13+3) vs. 6(5+5-4) Success
OUECS 3 attacks Thunderhorse w/ StunStick: 16 (11+5) vs. 8(12-4) success, Dmg 5 NL, Fort Save 12 vs. 15 failed, Stunned, HP 4

Thunderhorse: Stunned

Round 7- 3 min passed
OUECS 5: Maintain pin
OUECS 4: Pins Thunderhorse
OUECS 3: Attack TH StunStick, 19(14+5) vs. 6 (12-4 pin-2 stun) Hit 7 dmg
HP 0 NL, Unconscious

Combat Results
7 Rounds, 3 minutes 18 seconds
Mark Unconscious,HP 0 NL. XP+20
Thunderhorse Unconscious, HP 0 NL, Chi 1. XP+37

Doc said...

Follow Steve and hope for the best.