Weapons Reference

Simple Weapons
Switchblade - Doc's good luck charm. Blade, 1d4 dmg; Tiny, Concealable
Maglite Flashlight - A relic of the 21st century. Club, 1d4 dmg; Small; 6 hours battery life, 100' directional illumination
VibroKnife - Fine ceramic blades which use ultrasonic resonance for a smooth cut. Blade, 1d4+1 dmg, Critical Hit threshold 19-20; Small, Durable

Non-Lethal Weapons
Pain Gun - A small flashlight like device which emits a microwave beam which directly irritates the nerves. Frequency can be slightly adjusted to effect other mammalian humanoids. Range 10', Battery life 1 Hour, Reflex Save DC 20 or Flee, Cower if cornered; Tiny, Concealable
Stun Gun/Taser - Uses an electric current to stun an opponent. 1d6 non-lethal, Stun 1 round (Fort save DC 15). Tazer: launches electrodes up to 15 feet; Small
Tranq. Gun - Fires small darts filled with sedatives. Range 30'. Unconscious 2d6 hours, Fort save DC 30; Small
Mace - A liquid spray containing large amounts of the irritant capsicon. Range 5'. Stunned for 1d4 rounds and Blind 1d4 hours, Reflex save DC 15; Tiny, Concealable

Melee Weapons
Thunderhorse's Battle-Axe: A Nordic 2-handed, double bladed Battle Axe with sharp prongs at the top for stabbing as well as hacking. Battle Axe 1d8 dmg; Medium, Heavy

Ranged Weapons
Doc's Colt .44 Revolver - Doc's most useful tool. Pistol, 2d6 dmg, Range 40', 6 chambers; Small
Flintlock Rifle - Old style muzzle loading ball and powder gun Rifle, 2d4, full round to reload, 60' range; Large
Flintlock Pistols - Pistol, 1d6 dmg, Full round reload, 30' Range; Small
Ion Pulse Laser Pistols - Fires a blast of ionized helium at near-light speeds. Pistol, 2d8 dmg, Range 200', 120 shot Semi Automatic; Small, Lightweight, Vacuum Operable
Bull-pup Railgun Assault rifle - Fires very small aluminum bullets at high speeds using magnetic propulsion. It's bull-pup configuration allows for easier maneuverablility in tight spaces. Assault Rifle, 2d10 dmg, Range 100'; 10,000 round clip; semi auto, 10 round burst, or full automatic (100 rounds); Medium, Ligthweight, Vacuum Operable

Dynamite - Sticks of sawdust soaked in nitroglycerin. 15' blast, 3d6 - 1d6 / 5'dist, Reflex save DC 15 for half damage.
Power Pack - A highly volatile battery used to power pulse-lasers and railguns. 30' blast, 6d6 - 1d6 / 5' dist, Reflex save DC 30 for half damage

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