Run For Your Liiiiiiife

Doc thinks the situation over. "Let's head straight for the command center and hope for the best. How long do you need to hack the fast track?"

"I'm already working on it. Should be ready when we get there."

Doc sneaks up to the glass door and looks outside. He can't see very well down the street towards the station, but there's nothing on his thermal sensors between him and their target, as far as he can see. A hover cart full of troops zips by every other minute or so. Two armed APCs are moving slowly in opposite directions, converging on a point between themselves and the FastTrack station

The crowd is getting antsy and beginning to press against him. The doors are locked. Doc tries to get them to wait a bit longer.

It doesn't take long for someone to throw a chair through the glass door. The crowd begins to flood outside, dispersing in many wrong directions.

"Forward! Towards the Command Center! This way!" Doc shouts into the megaphone.

The Time Operatives rush towards the train station. The crowd swarms around them, the few with guns firing wildly at the APCs. Only a couple of bullets find a target, barely dinging the thick composite hull.

The APCs respond quickly, returning fire into the crowd. One fires its machine gun, dropping a couple people immediately. The other launches mortars. The explosion tears almost a half dozen people to shreds.

The relative cover of the train station is another 1200 feet away.


ERR said...

Crowd 19, Pirates 17, Time Ops 9
Crowd stats: 280 members, HP 1120
Size: Collosal (-8)
Atk: 0 (-8), Def: 10 (2)
Weps: 4 assualt rifles, 4

Crowd attacks APC 1, assault rifle: -4 (4 roll -8 size) vs 8 (10 def - 2 size) miss
Crowd attacks APC 2, assault rifle: 10 (18 roll -8 size) vs 8 (10 def - 2 size) Hit, Dmg 10 - 8 hardness, 2 total. APC 2: 46 hp
Crowd attacks APC 1, assault rifle: 1 (9 roll-8 size)vs 8 miss
Crowd attacks APC 2 assault rifle: 2 (10 roll - 8 size) vs 8 miss

APC 1 attacks Crowd, Machine Gun: 7 (2 roll + 7 atk -2 size) vs Crowd 2 (10 def-8 size) hit, Dmg 9. Crowd HP 1119

APC 2 attacks crowd, Mortar: 16 (11 roll + 7 atk - 2 size) vs Crowd 2 hit, Dmg 21. Crowd HP 1098

Doc said...

"CHEESE IT YOU FOOLS! Run For Your Lives!!!"

Make like Jesse Owens!

Meta: Why, oh why, didn't we get those handgrenades at the begining of this adventure again? I'd even settle for some of our crappy dynamite. Do we have any?


Doc said...

Nice video at the end by the way.