Tight Corners

"Heads up people! We've got company!" Doc calls to his team. "Don't shoot in here unless we have to. I don't want to be blown up."

The HUD sunglasses analyze the threat. All four carry assault rifles similar in design to the slug throwers, which they also carry as side arms, as well as combat knives. They're also well armored. Their helmets make a perfect seal with their ceramic plated body armor, and they carry backpacks which are obviously housing oxygen tanks. They move surprisingly fast in these space suits.

These must be the elite units Veronica warned us about. Doc thinks.

The elite units move swiftly up the stairs. They stop just behind the column from them. They are out of direct line of sight, but Doc can see their thermal outlines through the haze and interference from the steam and plasma lines within the utility conduit they hide behind.

Doc focuses in further. His HUD glasses respond, zooming in and improving the resolution on the face of the squad leader. He's a hard man, out doing his job. He's sweaty and tired from running up the stairs in this space suit. He hasn't had much practice lately, probably spent too much time drinking and cavorting in the casinos upstairs.

Doc lifts the megaphone to hip lips. "You there! Surrender your arms and you won't be harmed! Fight, and you will be destroyed! Come out with your hands up!"

The squad captain's eyes change, as if this was a viable option he hadn't considered before. He stops to consider his situation. He's carrying an assault rifle which he plans to use in a confined and highly volatile space. His opponents are fielding some kind of unknown super-weapons, and he has the low ground. And if they somehow survive the initial confrontation, there's a hundred people above them ready to swarm down onto them.

"Alright!" He un-slings his gun and puts his hands on his head. "We surrender!"

His squad-mates look at each other in confusion, but cannot disobey their captain. They follow suit.

Mark and Thunderhorse look back at Doc, amazed that this actually worked.


ERR said...

Round 1:

TO 14, Pirates 21

Pirates Move 50', Distance left 20'

Doc uses Read Emotions on Cpt: 9 (5+4) vs 1 (2-1), Success. Chi-1

Doc Persuade Captain: 15(5+10) vs. Will check 20(1-1+20) Critical failure, Doc Success. XP+20

Doc said...

Hell, I'm as surprised as he is. Move in quickly and disarm them. What have they got? Anything we don't need turn over to the crowd. Tie them to the conduit and have seven crowd members guard them with orders to kill them if they move. Head into Engineering and find the best way to disrupt communications between pirates and crew as well as a way to gain control over the ship. Should we meet resistance use the same tactic.