Admiral Spaaz

"Pardon me, but I am looking to locate a Veronica Autopilot and I seem to keep missing her on official channels. Is there some way I could contact her as it is very important or perhaps you could lead us there? There seems to be a glitch in her safety reports and we need to clear this off our desk before the flight goes much further. Could you help us?"

The young Spaceman before Doc nods in understanding, smiles and spins round on a toe. He returns to his station, activates his headset and holomonitor, and looks her up.

"Okay, sir, and what exactly is this glitch?" he asks after a moment of digging through records.

"Well, I can't find any of her x-rays on file. She can't fly if we don't have a complete medical report. If they're not in the system we'll have to get new ones."

"Just a moment, sir." The secretary digs back into his computer. "You are right, sir, there are no x-rays or MRIs on file for Captain Autopilot. But her medical report was signed off by Admiral Spaaz."

"That's very strange." Steve chimes in. "Shouldn't the Chief Medical Officer be the one signing off on medical reports?"

"It is strange, sir," replies the secretary. "Her's is the only report he's signed off on. It looks like he's signed off on all her forms. Security clearance, employment contract, liability waivers, flight license, everything. Perhaps you should speak to Admiral Spaaz himself if you have any concerns."

"Really, we'd rather go straight to Veronica," Doc replies. "I'm sure the Admiral just wanted to ensure she got on board and operating quickly without any red tape, but if we could just find her and grab a couple quick x-rays for the record, we'll be done."

The secretary thinks about it for a moment. "Sorry, sir. Admiral Spaaz will have to clear any amendments to records he's signed off on. I'll schedule an appointment for you, though. Who may I ask is calling?"

"Lieutenant Shaw, Medical Technician, and Lieutenant Ritenrong, Radiation Safety Officer."

"Okay, I can get you 5 minutes with him in an hour twenty. Have a seat anywhere. There's a cafe just around the corner, if you like."

Doc and Steve are actually very hungry. It's been a quite a few hours since they ditched the tour group. They're still rocket lagged from the trip to Saturn. According to the ship's clock, it's seven in the morning. They grab cups of coffee and some omelets. It's an enjoyable breakfast, and they finish up just in time for the secretary to page them.

"Top floor, center room," he points them towards the elevator. "Can't miss it."

And they cannot. It's an office more ornately adorned than their own apartment. Doc and Steve feel like they're walking into a Roman temple light by fiery orange sunset. The lighting reflects off the flakes of gold marbled into the white columns, causing the whole room to glow.

The Admiral greets them, temporarily parting from his bustling entourage of white clad Captains and Lieutenants. He's a tall, rough man, late fifties, with greying hair and beard. He looks like a salty old fisherman, spit shined and polished and stuffed into some Class-A'. He's got a rough but experienced look about him.

Doc salutes him with the same gestures the secretary greeted them with. Steve attempts the same, but has much less snap and it shows. The Admiral notices, but doesn't say anything about it.

"At ease. Well, you two look like you ran into a couple of pirates." The Admiral says.

"Three, sir," Doc responds.

"All dead now, are they?"

"Yes, sir."


"Thank you sir."

"Now what is this all about?"

"Captain Autopilot's medical records, sir. She doesn't have any scans on file. I understand you signed off on her report, I'm sure you just wanted to dodge some red tape, but we absolutely need those x-rays for her own safety. We just need your approval to ammend the record so we can do some quick scans and be done and out of the way."

"It's a bit presumtious to suggest that I, the Admiral, skipped the official proccess of signing her onboard. But I like your style. What was your name again, Lieutenant?"

"Shaw, sir."

"Shaw, eh? And your partner?"

"Ritenrong, sir, from Radiation safety."

"And he's here, why?"

"He runs the x-ray equipment, sir. I'm guessing Captain Autopilot has a ...resistance to having x-rays taken, and I wanted to have an expert run the scanners to help alleviate any concerns she has about the process."

"I see. Well, if you agree to drop any more questioning my decisions after this, I'll approve the ammendment."

"Agreed, sir. We just want to be out of your hair."

"Appreciated. And, Lieutenant?" The Admiral turns to Steve, "Report to calesthetics at 17:00. You need to exercise your saluting arm."

"Aye, sir." Steve replies. He tries the salute again.

The Admiral returns the salute and dismisses them. They head back downstairs. The young secretary greets them again.

"Okay, sirs, if you'll just wait while the request for approval processes, we'll have you ready in no time."

"Is there a terminal nearby I can access?" Steve asks. "I need to check on an experiment back at the lab."

"Sure, there's a media display just over there between the restrooms. Access override code is 6126."

Steve and Doc go over to the terminal, which is currently floating a picture of the ship and some brochure information. Steve opens a small hatch along the chrome post onto which the display is mounted, revealing a numeric keypad. He enters in the code, and takes control of the display.

Doc can hardly tell what Steve is doing, but he's able to see a few words as they flit by as fast as they appear. "Network Discovery," it reads for a while. "Personnel Records," it says momentarily. "Security Zones" apparears briefly. After that Doc stops paying attention.

Steve completes his task in short order. "I've added our names to the system. It won't stand up to much scrutiny, but we should be okay if he just checks our names against the system. Hopefully I got it done it time."

"Lieutenants?" calls the Spaceman.

They approach.

"Okay, the ammendment is approved. Here is you access pass." He hands it to Doc. Their names are both on it. "It will get you to the starboard fighter bay and Captain Autopilot's office for the next six hours. The Admiral has authorized use of the FastTrack system. Take the elevator to the top floor, then turn left past the Admiral's office. The station is at the end of the hall."


ERR said...

Doc Bluff Check 22(13+9) vs 20, Success XP+20
Doc Bluff Check 24(15+9) vs 25, Failed XP+3
Doc Disguise Check 23(17+6) vs 10, Success XP+10
Steve Disguise Check 5(6-1) vs 10, Failed XP+1
Doc Bluff check 19 (10+9) vs 15, Success XP+15
Doc Bluff check 27 (18+9) vs 20, Success XP+20
Steve Bluff check 15 (16-1) vs 10 Success, XP+10
Steve Compting check 45(16+29) vs. 30, Success XP+30

Doc said...

Head straight there and don't pause for anything. We need to be brought up to date and make plans.


ERR said...

next bit in the works, thinin' it through. Too much random, need to bring it into focus.

Doc said...

Whenever you're ready. Take your time.