Doc quickly delves into the surprised crewman's psyche. It's a fairly easy read; he's caught in a sudden situation where he might have to get security involved, and he's not wearing any pants. Also, he's somewhat homophobic.

Doc smiles at him. "Hey Sailor, need someone to scrub your back? If not, I'll just take a pee and be out of your hair."

"Uh, no thanks. Sorry, I thought you were someone else." He steps back into the shower and begins singing loudly to himself, trying to make the rest of the world disappear.

"That was close," says Steve. He goes back to the lockers with his multitool.

"Damnit, Steve, it's not going to work. We've got to find another way before you get us into deep shit."

"I've almost got it this time..." PZZT! A spark flares briefly, and all the electronic locks on all the lockers disengage. "Hah!"

Doc looks around. The crewman's loud singing has covered up the shocking sound. No one reacts.

"Okay, lets be quick. Here's a duffel bag for our clothes, 'cause, well, we can't leave them here in the lockers. I wonder why the hell all those locks are on the same circuit, anyway? Weird." Steve hands Doc a shirt and pair of pants, blue silk and nylon weave. As they change, Steve explains the rank and color system. "The color of the shirt denotes your job category. Blue is science and medical. Security is red, staff officers are orange, engineers are yellow, docking operations are green, warrant officers are indigo, pilots are violet, and commanders are white. Rank is denoted by the black stars and stripes on the shirt. It looks like we're junior lieutenants."

They're dressed now and their other clothes are in the duffel bag, which contains medical supplies. Steve hands Doc a passcard. It's also blue, and there's no picture on it, just a bar code and text: LTJG Antonio Sanchez, EMT. Steve's says: LTJG Horatio Zonk, QFM.

"What's QFM?"

"Quantum Flux Monitoring, I presume."

"Why on such an advanced ship with tight security controls do they use something as low tech as bar-coded passcards and RFID? Why no biometrics, or even a picture on the card?"

"Probably because they don't want pirates pulling out eyeballs and ripping off hands just to get through a door. Seems kinda pointless, though, they'll probably kill everyone they see, anyway. Maybe they just don't want a mess to clean up afterwards. I have no idea why there's no picture on the card, that seems kinda silly. Further, why don't they have a computer controlled bio-monitoring system that opens the correct doors for the correct people automatically? Those exist in this era, the DataPlex in Milwaukee had one. They're not even that expensive, really, just a lot of cameras and biosensors."

"Maybe they have a high rate of personnel turnover."

"It would still be easier to make a change in a database than to hand out new passcards."

"Perhaps they don't want a central database, in case it gets hacked by the pirates before they board."

"It's possible. Well, whatever the reason, it works to our advantage. C'mon, we've got to figure out how to get to Veronica."


ERR said...

Doc uses Read Emotions 15(11+1+3) vs 5 Success XP+5
Doc Bluff 16 (3+9+4) vs 12 success, XP+12
Steve Disable Device 24(20+4) vs. DC 15 Critical Success!, XP+30
Steve Move silently 12 vs. 3, Success, xp+3

Doc said...

Have Steve carry the duffel bag as I might need both hands free. Make our way to The main Fighter bay where we are most likely to find her. Should we need to open a door, use my card, as I'm an EMT and probably would have access to most everything. Should we be challenged along the way, say we met at the Office of External Vehicular Interception as we both trying to get in touch with Veronica and hadn't been able to get ahold of her through normal channels. I need to schedule her physical exam as she is way, way past due and Steve got some of her clothes from the Laundry Department by mistake. He only knows their her's because she put her name in the waistband of her panties, not to mention he has a safety report that she signed off on that isn't even a part of the ship she is responsible for and he needs to know if this is just a glitch or what. I will rehearse this little lie with Steve after we leave the bathroom but before we move out. I need to know he has got the story straight before we are staring down two Security Guards. We are going to relie on deception for this, as I don't want violence because we have got to ride this ship for a week and there really isn't any place to hide and our back-up is probably drunk and can't be relied on for their tact.

Hopfully we won't be discovered, but if we are and we can't squirm our way out of it, fess up to being old friends of hers and we did something silly to see her because when we used to work together years ago she was a hell of a prankster and would enjoy the joke of it all. With any luck, this will be a lie we don't have to tell, but I'm sick and tired of being jailed for doing my job and I can't afford to leave Mark and Thunderhorse on their own for too long.

If I need to spend chi, do so sparingly, and if I really need to, spend extra, as the future depends on us.

When we meet her, make it brief and stick to the story, but we have got to know that we are here so we can arrange a future meeting when she can get away.

"Steve, if Veronica can do what Alyss can do, I'd like to schedule a short vacation. I'd like three days to visit a friend in Milwaukee, 'cause I owe her a slice of a good life and to make sure her dolls made it in one piece."

Meta: The Bathroom post was magnificent! Your philoshophy training is serving you well! I am in awe.