Lets Dance!

"See this guy sitting next to you? The politician drowning himself in scotch?" Doc asks Steve, nodding his head subtly towards the man.

"Yeah, okay. Should be an easy target."

Doc focuses his mind on the guy. His mind is wide open, uninhibited by alcohol. He's feeling very depressed about something; a sense of isolation and loneliness flavored with anger and jealousy; it's definitely a woman. A woman who left him for another man. There's another sharp, serious pain of stress and fear. A divorce is still in the works. Children are involved, as well as a lot of money and estate. Yet another twinge of stress appears, although this one is almost absorbed. He's not going to be re-elected. He's accepted this, but is still upset by it.

Doc tries thinking happy thoughts at him: The relief of not having to deal with paperwork. Happy moments with children. The freedom to sleep with any woman who will have him. The enjoyment of being on this marvel of engineering and crossing the stars. The beauty of the planet they now orbit. The joys of music.

That was it, music. He starts looking up from his glass. "Fuck it all!" He shouts to the ceiling: "Play music: Big Band Brothers' 21 Drum Salute!"

The ceiling complies. A rowdy big band tune comes pouring into the casino. Everyone turns briefly to watch as he gets out of his chair and dances terribly to the music. He dances over to a lady playing mahjong with her friends and tries to entice her to dance with him. He is unsuccessful. He dances away over to the pachinko machines and tries again with someone else. He's getting some giggles and polite smiles, but not much else. He is unfazed by his failures and continues dancing.

"Holy shit," Steve says, astonished. "That's incredible."

They watch him a bit longer. He's convinced a woman to get up and dance with him. It looks like they're having a good time.

"I just hope that sleeping with her doesn't fuck up his legal position on his divorce," Doc comments, turning back to his beer.

"You know he's getting divorced? You could tell that?"

"Yeah. That's more of a deduction than straight knowledge. I can't read thoughts, just feelings. His were pretty easy to read, and the way they all added up could only mean one thing. Although, there's always room for the inexplicable."

Steve nods in agreement. They both dig into some spring rolls.

A drink or two later, a voice comes on the intercom, interrupting Happy's increasingly irritating music. "Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and others and welcome aboard the Indestructible Ship Marsaille Marriott . I am Admiral Jack Spaaz from StarScape Voyages, LLC. I will be guiding this voyage to Alpha Centauri A system and points beyond. According to the manifest all passengers have now boarded and we are on schedule to depart in 10 minutes. We will be travelling at over two hundred times the speed of light, the fastest of any non-military ship in the galaxy. We will be arriving in six days, twenty two hours. The local time will be 43rd of Cyk, 1,278,410. On Earth, for those of you who don't speak Centauri, that's about October 3rd, 2195."

"Damnit!" says Steve. "I knew that brochure didn't sound right. I should've checked the math myself, but I didn't have time. We're only going back four years, not forty."

The Captain continues. "We are now recieving the last data package from Earth and you will be recieving your mail shortly. As some of you already know, we maintain radio silence throughout the voyage in order to minimize the risk of pirate attack. To further disuade attack and to ensure the comefort and safety of all our passengers, this ship is fully armed with the latest in military defense systems, on loan from the EDF. Also on loan from the EDF, Captain Veronica Autopilot; our fighter defense fleet commander."

Doc and Steve exchange suprised glances.

The captain goes on. "In the highly unlikely event of a boarding, please exit all open public spaces and hallways and get into the nearest store or restaurant or your own quarters. Our security forces, under the command of Captain Hal David, will be able to repel any invaders with minimal casualties, but only if you help us and yourselves by keeping yourself secured until the threat is abated. Again, these are highly unlikely scenarios, and we expect no trouble at all during this voyage. StarScape Voyages, LLC has a 100% passenger safety record."

"Yeah, since they changed their name after they lost the Queen Beatrix," remarks the woman to Doc's left, cynically.

The captain cant' hear snide comments. "All facilities are currently fully operational and will remain so throughout the duration of the voyage. Lieutenant Kal Roeker will be happy to answer any questions you have about the ships systems and defenses, and also offers regular guided tours of the vessel. Please relax and enjoy your trip, and plan your next escape with StarScape!"

The captain goes offline and the music returns.


ERR said...

Doc uses Read Emotions on Politician: 14(10+3+1) vs. Will save 2 (4-2), Success. Chi-1, XP+2

Doc uses Suggest Emotion on Politician: 20 (16+3+1) vs. Will save 3 (5-2), Success. XP+3, Chi-2. Difference: 17, Highly effective

Doc said...

This is the most kick ass ability I have ever had in any game ever!

It is expensive but totally worth it. The vague explanation about how it works makes the whole thing plausible too, without pinning it down to an exact science. While I know that the ability is there, I can't understand the mechanics yet. Perfect.

more later...


Doc said...

We need cash money or some supplies that will insure our success in WW II. Let's try to do one or both of those.

I'm still interested in spending more time with Steve. While I have the gist of the man I'm following blindly into a grossly uncertain future, I still want to know more. What makes him tick? What are his strong points and does he have any phobias? So far, he has been something of a stock "wild eyed scientist" person, and I've run with thatbut I think now is the time to flesh out the man who has plucked me from history to save the universe from distruction.

Perhaps we need an adventure all our own while Thunderhorse and Mark soak up a little training. Nothing too violent, as neither of our characters are built for that, but something that would take advantage of our skills, as Steve really needs to get out more and earn some xp's. He is the brains of this outfit. Surely we can do something to strenghten the story and enhance his character at the same time?

I'm tickled by anything you write and this is by far the best RPG I've ever played. I look for new posts at least twice a day. If you were looking to play to your target audience, you have me hook, line, and beer.

I was just thinking that Steve could use some xps and this would be a grand time to flesh him out.

But please, take this only as a suggestion. Whatever you write will be a hoot!


Doc said...



Let's take the tour and see if we can find her. Only she can lead us to the Brother Pear and home, even if we are thirty-six years off.

Steve and I should persue this to the utmost.