Powers Revisited

Doc's recent level advancement has inspired me to think more carefully about how the Powers system works. We haven't really got into this part of the game system too deeply, and I think it's about time.

1. Power Variables
Effect: The description of the effect is having a words that explain it does.
Requirements: Any Training, Ability, Level, or Power Chain requirements.
Cost: The Chi, Hp, Ability, or Level cost of the power.
Damage: Any HP, Chi, Ability, or Level damage the power inflicts.
Range: The effective distance of the power.
Area: The radius of the power's effect, either from the caster or the target at range.
Target: A number of effected targets within the area of effect, or the caster himself. If no range or area is specified, then Targets are assumed to be within Line of Sight (including psychic sight)
Duration: The length of time the power remains in effect.
Save: The Saving throw required, if applicable, and whether success negates or reduces the effects.
Ability: The Ability Bonus used during a psychic attack
Max Level: The maximum power level that can be used with this power

Some Power variables are interchangeable, like number of targets versus duration of effect, or area versus range.

2. Psychic Attacks
A Psychic Attack is a Will save by the target versus DC 10 plus the Ability Bonus specified by the Power (default is Wisdom), Plus the Power Level, Plus the Caster's Level. The Target can apply any Psychic Defense bonuses.

Target Will Save + Psychic Defense vs. DC10 + Ability Bonus + Power Level + Caster Level

3. Power Levels
Power Levels are Multipliers a caster can apply to the Powers he/she commands. They are no longer purchased separately with Skill points. Increased Power Levels multiply the Cost of the power, and also increase ONE Power Variable unless otherwise specified. Some Powers have level caps, otherwise the limit is the amount of Chi a caster has to spend.

For example, using Doc's stats:
Read Emotions 1 Costs 1 chi, effects 1 target for 1 hour. Save to Negate is DC10+3 wis+1 power level+4 caster level= DC18
Read Emotions 2 Costs 2 chi, effects either 1 target for 2 hours or 2 targets for 1 hour, DC 19
Read Emotions 3 costs 3 chi, effects 3 targets for 1 hour, 2 targets for 2 hours, or 1 target for 3 hours, DC 20.
Note the +4 Cha bonus against the target(s) does not increase with Power Level.

Suggest Emotions 1 Costs 2 chi, effects 1 target for 1d6 rounds or 1d6 targets for 1 round. DC10+4 Cha+1 Pl + 4 Cl = DC19
Suggest Emotions 2 costs 4 chi, effects 2 targets for 1d6 rounds or 2d6 targets for 1 round, DC20
Suggest Emotions 5 costs 10 chi, Effects 5 targets for 1d6 rounds, 4 for 2d6, 3 for 3d6, 2 for 4d6, or 1 for 5d6, DC23.

Precognition is limited to 1 Power level.

4. Power chains
Some powers require other powers to be active in order for them to be used. Other powers can make it easier to use successive powers on a target.

Example 1: Read Emotions grants a +4 cha bonus against a target. Suggest Emotions is a Cha based power, so it's DC is raised by 4 when Read emotions is in effect.

Example 2: Going Out of Body will allow a caster to do remote sensing, astral projections, and even take possession of a target.

Example 3: Establishing a Mind Link with a target will allow for the transfer of Chi, Powers, or information, or perform special attacks or deep probing.

5. Concentration
Most powers require concentration to manifest. Manifestation time is 1 standard action unless otherwise specified and provokes an attack of opportunity. Concentration can be threatened if the caster is attacked, has to move suddenly, or if there are environmental concerns ( weather, explosions, etc). Some powers require constant concentration to maintain them. If interrupted, the caster must make a Concentration check to keep the power going.

Concentration check is a D20 + Con bonus vs. DC 10 + modifiers (i.e. damage taken)

A List of Powers (To Be Amended)

Read Emotions
Read the emotions of a target to gain a conversational advantage. +4 to Charisma checks and Sense Motive versus that target.
Cost: 1 chi. Targets: 1. Duration: 1 hour. Ability: Wis. Save: Negate

Suggest Emotion
Induce an emotion into a target; Fear, Confusion, Happiness, etc. Difference in save affects level of emotional change.
Cost: 2 chi. Targets: 1. Duration 1d6 rounds. Interchangeable. Ability: Cha. Save: Negate.

Predict the immediate future to gain a +2 bonus to a single roll. Effect is automatic unless the player specifies otherwise. Auto-fudge, essentially
Cost: 1 chi. Save: N/a. Max Level: 1

Mind and Body, Limited
Transfer Chi to HP & vice-versa, 2:1 ratio. Unlimited uses.

Mind and Body
Transfer Chi to HP & vice-versa, 1:1 Ratio, Wis bonus uses per day. Requires: M&B, Limited

Mind and Body, Advanced
Transfer Chi to HP & vice-versa, 1:2 ratio, 1 use per day. Requires: M&B

Read Thoughts
You can hear the surface thoughts of a target or targets, which you can use to gather information.
Cost: 2 chi. Targets: 1. Duration: 1d6 rounds. Interchangeable. Ability: Wis. Save: Negate

Predict Reactions
Predict the reflexive actions of a target and effectively negate their Dex bonus to initiative, attack, defense, and reflex saves against your area-effect attacks (i.e. rockets, grenades, auto-fire weapons, painguns, etc)
Cost: 2 chi. Targets: 1. Duration: 1d6 rounds. Interchangable. Range 20'. Save: Negate. Ability: Wis

Negate a target's Intelligence bonus when dealing with the caster
Cost: 2 chi, Targets: 1. Duration 1d6 rounds. Interchangeable. Range 20'. Save: Negate. Ability: Int

Hypnotic Stare
Negate a target's Wisdom bonus to will saves or psychic attacks versus the caster
Cost: 2 chi, Targets: 1. Duration 1d6 rounds. Interchangeable. Range 20'. Save: Negate. Ability: Cha

Dominate Ego
Negate a target's Charisma bonus when dealing with the Caster
Cost: 2 chi, Targets: 1. Duration 1d6 rounds. Interchangeable. Range 20'. Save: Negate. Ability: Cha

[Ability] Focus
Boost an ability bonus by 1d4 for 1 roll. Must buy this power for each individual ability.
Cost: 1 chi. Max. Level: 2

Out of Body
The caster can project his or her consciousness beyond the confines of his or her material form. The incorporal form can fly and pass through walls. Power Level increases as distance from the body increases. The body is considered unconscious while in this state.
Cost: 2 chi to start, 1 chi / round upkeep. Range: 100'. Full round manifestation, constant concentration.

Mind Link
Establish a telepathic link between the caster and a target. Link can be voluntary or forced. The target and caster can share thoughts regardless of language. Save DC is lowered by differences in language & culture. Target creature must have an Int between 6 and Caster's Int +10.
Cost: 2 chi to establish, 1 chi / round upkeep, Targets: 1, Range: 30'. Full round manifestation, constant concentration.

Send a one-way psychic message to someone across long distances. Target must be known to the caster. As distance increases, difficulty increases. The Distance Category is the nearest power of 2 in miles. Dist 1 = 2 miles, D2=4m, D3=8m, D4=16m, D5=32m, etc. A previously established Mind Link or close physical relationship grants a bonus to success. True love knows no distance.
Cost: 1 chi. Successful sending is D20+Wis+Caster Level + Power Level vs. 15 + Distance Category (2^x miles) - Relationship bonus.
Example: Doc uses Telepathy 3 to contact a relative across Ohio. Cost 3 chi, Roll 7 + 3 wis + 4 CL + 3 PL = 17 vs. 15+8 disance category (~256 miles) - 5 relationship =18, failed. Telepathy 4 would've connected, while Telepathy 8 would've negated the distance altogether, making the final DC10.

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