Well, He is French...

Doc regains control of his limbs and stands. The room around him swirls as if he's looking at it from within a water tornado inside two pop bottles. The only thing that can be made out clearly is Nathan's face on the other side of the bottle.

Doc summons his mental strength. He focuses his thoughts and feelings towards a sense of perfect calm. "I am NOT a devil or interested in anyone's soul, NOR am I an angel here to pass judgment. I am here to bring about a good thing for all Christendom, and if you have sinned before, don't compound it now by turning me away."

Father Nathan's mind races through a tumult of emotions. His fear turns to shame, his anger intensifies his guilt, which overflows into sorrow and desire for repentance. Father Nathan breaks the psychic bond and is overrun with tears.

"Oh, Lord, why did I stray!" He yells to the sky. "Why have you sent this... this... man to torture me?" He turns back to Doc. "But it is not you do not torture me, you expose me to myself and it is unbearable!"

"Where is Jazelle and the women of Hilton? Tell me what you've done," Doc demands.

"There are not nuns here, but concubines. It is the one desire, the singular corruption I carried with me from Avignon. They are slaves here, they cook and clean and wash up. They carry water and harvest grain in the valley. The monks of this abbey are their masters, and I am theirs. If you come to free them from their servitude, my men will resist you."

Brother Broderick is taken aback. "Why, Father? Why have you done this?"

"Come now, not even one as devoted as you would join me on this mountain. My work is of dire importance, but I could not stay on this mountain alone. I have important work to do, and I cannot waste my time with the trivalties of existance. These monks were men of the valley, the only men I could recruit into my service. Those women are the only reason they stay on this wretched peak. Without them, I have no one to keep this place."

Broderick is still upset. "And what about yourself?! Did you partake of these women? Have you broken your vows?!"

The brother's tone is upsetting the delicate balance of Nathan's emotions, edging him back towards fearful reprisal. "You insolent little pup. You've not seen the world, and you understand none of it. When you are as old as I, you will be counting the vows you have broken on blades of grass. I have more virtue than any of my peers, for I alone volunteered to take on this duty at the top of the Earth. How dare you question your better!"


ERR said...

Doc uses Suggest Emotion 2 on Nathan, Will save 17 roll + 4 wis + 1 will = 22 vs. DC 10 + 4 level + 4 cha + 4 read emot + 2 power = DC24, Doc wins
Nathan Calmed, 2 rounds
Mind-link broken

Doc said...

"Brother Boderick! I will thank you to remain quiet!"

"Now Father Nathan calm yourself. You are not the first man to lay with a woman and you won't be the last. Your vows are not an issue here. Resolving our problem is."

"Father Nathan, I want to help you. You have come to this inhospitable place and spent your life studying the Heavens in search of the unknown. What if I could give you a scroll that would teach you more about the Heavens than you could learn in three life times? Then there would be no more need to stay here at the roof of the world and you could take your knowledge to the Church and the world. Tales of your past transgressions need not be known, and who would care if you had a daliance? Most of the Cardinals have some little minx tucked away in the city of Rome. You would be an enlightened spark in Chrisendom and remembered as a great man. That would be a fine legacy to leave. Let me help you Father Nathan."