Quick Reflexes

Father Nathan leads Doc and Brother Broderick to the dining hall two floors down. On the way they pass the scribal workshop, where monks are setting pages, copying text, and inking pictures. There is a harsh smell of chemicals from one of the towerhouse workshops. Father Nathan explains that is where they create the inks and dyes. Another workshop houses racks of parchment being stretched and dried by a fire. The last shop is shared by a tinker and carpenter, who are working together to repair some of the book binding tools.

They reach the ground floor where the dining hall and gatehouse are. Thunderhorse and the vikings are standing against the gate. Thunderhorse snarls at the sight of Nathan descending the stairs.

"Ugh, your servants are a bit uncouth," Father Nathan complains.

"Thunderhorse, please stand down and relax," Doc orders.

Thunderhorse does not back down, but makes no aggressive movements other than fingering the shoulder strap of his assault rifle.

As they get to the bottom of the stairs, Thunderhorse unslings his gun and fires a carefully aimed shot right at Father Nathan's head, blasting his face and brains all over the wall.

"THUNDERHORSE! NO!" Doc shouts an instant before he realizes it was an illusion. His head spins like it did before down in the valley.

Father Nathan turns to stare at him, head still perfectly intact. Thunderhorse looks like he's been caught with his pants down. The Viking backs off into the stables.

"Is everything alright?" Father Nathan asks. "Do you need to have your servant flogged?"

"No, thank you," Doc replies as he gets his head back to normal. "Everything's fine."


ERR said...

Doc uses Suggest Emotion on Thunderhorse, Will save 19 roll vs. DC10+4 cha + 1 Power + 4 Level = DC19 +2 Precognition. Doc succeeds

Doc said...

I love the autofudge part of precognition, but reading about it in the story leaves me woozy.

Keep going. I just feel like I'm always waiting for the other boot to drop.