The Requisite "A Game At Dinner" Bit

"Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to meet you," Doc extends his hand to shake. Marshal Mathews returns the gesture, but Reverend Olden does not.

Doc and Thunderhorse take the two available chairs at the round table. Thunderhorse sits next to Sheriff Jones while Doc sits next to Marshall Mathews. Reverend Judge Olden sits across from them.

Deputy Johnson pours them some wine. "Sorry, Mr. Shaw, but McDonald's was out'a steaks. I figured this roast would do just fine, though. Good thing, too, seein' as how more company showed."

"Not a problem, deputy," Doc smiles. The young woman begins dishing out the boiled vegetables while the Deputy starts cutting the meat.

"So what business brings you to town, Mr. Shaw?" asks the old Judge in a stern and steady voice. He's a gray,lanky old man, clean shaven and well dressed. He stares stoically through his spectacles.

Doc replies matter-of-factly. "I've come a long way to seek out Uncle Steve only to find him here in Toledo locked up and charged with murder. Everyone seems to think it is a foregone conclusion that he has committed this heinous crime. I'd like to hear the particulars so I might be better able to defend him in the morning. Perhaps you could clue me in."

"A straight talker. I like that," the judge replies.

The plates are served, and the party begins the meal. Thunderhorse digs in with his usual mannerless gusto.

Doc tries to excuse him. "Don't mind my brother, he was raised in the hills and doesn't have much in the way of manners."

Doc stares at the old man. He tries to read him, but can't seem to get through the Judge's stone face.

The Judge continues. "The fact of the matter is, your uncle is a murderer. I've got a dozen men willing to testify that they saw him shoot old Joe Brown and push him in the river."

"Impossible! That never happened!" Steven shouts from his cell.

"You're the judge and the prosecutor?" asks Doc.

"No, sir, Marshal Mathews will be prosecuting this case. I must remain impartial," the old Judge lies.

"Did you find a gun on his person?" Doc quizzes the Sheriff.

"He threw it in the river right after the deed," interrupts the Marshal.

"When did the shooting take place?"

"Thursday night."

"I wasn't even here until Friday afternoon!" offers Dr. Ritenrong.

"Who did you say saw the shooting?"

"The 21st Division of the Michigan Militia," the Marshal answers, smugly.

"But, sir, they's just arrived tod-" the deputy starts.

"Hush, now, boy," the sheriff shuts him up quick.

"Just arrived today? How could they have witnessed the murder?" Doc drills them.

"The boy doesn't know what he's talking about," responds the judge. "They've been here on special detail escorting Governor Mason."

Doc thinks back on his American History. He begins to remember more about this little incident. "Governor Mason, eh? He's a young guy, isn't he? Got a long career ahead of him, if he's ambitious enough, right?"

The room gets quieter. Thunderhorse continues slurping wine and chewing meat messily.

"You might say that," says Sheriff Jones at last.

"It's hard work being governor. You've got to show people you can get things done. Look out for the good of the people. Michigan's nearly a state, now, right? It would be nice to count Toledo here as Michigan territory," Doc goes on.

"Without a doubt," toasts the Judge. The three Toledo men clink glasses. Doc joins them, hesitantly.

"Well, to do that, the Governor's gotta show the people he can get things done. He's gotta stand for justice and prove that Michigan's no longer a lawless territory, but a lawful state. And that means stringing up criminals," Doc continues.

The rest of the party looks at him. "Just what are you implying?" asks the Judge.

"That Governor Mason ordered you to try my uncle for the murder of Joe Brown simply because he's a stranger that no one from here would miss, and he ordered his militia men to testify against him. He ordered them to commit perjury, and you to hang an innocent man for no other reason than political gain!"

"Son, I think you've overstayed your welcome," says the sheriff.


ERR said...

Doc Read Emotions vs. Judge Olden, -1 Chi
Judge Olden Saves (will): 19 (14+5) vs. 18 (16 wis +1 [Doc's level] +1 [Pow. level]), Saved
Doc Interrogate check: vs DC 25, 18 (14+4) failed, XP+3

Doc History check 31 (12+19) vs 30 success, XP+30

You'll probably want to put some training points into speechcraft at level up, maybe boost Chi and level up your read emotions power. But lets see how we do in other situations, eh?

Dr. Ritenrong has 9 Chi because he's level 3. You get 1 + Wis bonus Chi every level. His dexterity focus power allows him to spend Chi to influence any Dex checks. Thunderhorse has a Wisdom focus power of a similar nature, however if he uses it once he'll be exhausted afterwards since he only has one Chi to spend.

Doc said...


Draw my .44, “Well, I’ve heard all I need to hear. Gentlemen, you are barking up the wrong tree. One look at this man should tell you that he is much more interested in saving lives than taking them. Look at his hands; soft as a baby’s bottom, not the hands of a cold-blooded killer. You are trying very hard to hang an innocent man and this is a grievous wrong, but I am not about to compound the sin of murder by killing good, honest Christians who are doing what they think is right. Don’t get me wrong, if you move a whisker, I’ll blow your head clean off, and this pistol holds six shots, so don’t start thinking that I can only drop one of you. I am asking for some cooperation and you are damn sure going to provide it. While I don’t want to kill anyone, Don here is not hindered at all by Christian values. He is more than willing to beat you to a pulp to where your own mother wouldn’t recognize you, but maybe he is a little tired and would rather just gut you like a fatted calf. Perhaps you’ve heard about the poor militiamen who are now regretting they ever laid eyes on him. When he gets ornery even I can’t stop him. Now if you all would kindly put your hands behind your backs and accept the minor inconvenience of the gags we have provided, we’ll get you into this nice comfy cell that the sheriff has provided. By the way, here is twenty dollars for the meal I’ve ruined, and if you are thinking of forming a posse, you had best set out looking for a Mr. James Ford. He sold us some horses that weren’t his to sell. Judge, here is six dollars against the horses. Mr. Ford has the rest of your change. As of 4 o’clock, he was a cloud of dust headed for Michigan, so he has a bit of a head start. Trying to follow us would be a fruitless effort as I have spent the better part of the afternoon lining the road with torpedoes and we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt now would we. Thank you ma’am for the lovely meal, I’m sure it is delicious, and good night.”

Spend one chi to convince them I mean business, and use any other bonus you can think of to help me please. Perform 5 (+9),Empathy 4 (+7), Languages 4 (+7), etc. al.

Flee as fast as we can for the ship and take the other horses with us for a few blocks.

Lord, I hope they believe me as I'd like to make a clean getaway and not hurt anybody.