That Crazy Viking, pt 2

"Donnerpferd, HALT!" Doc shouts. "ACHTUNG! DONNERPFERD! HALT!!" He tries again. Either Thunderhorse cannot hear him, or is choosing to ignore him. He seems intent on pummeling the next contender.

The next contender is smaller than Earl, but heavier with a lower center of gravity. "Show him what for, Bull!" the crowd yells.

Doc moves towards the action, but the sheriff extends his hand and gently pushes him back. "Best not step into that, cous'," he warns, still leaning against the wall.

"I'm a doctor. Earl needs first aid," Doc explains.

Thunderhorse's fist finds another face with a loud smack.

"I thought you was a lawyer. Don't matter none, though. You can look after 'im after they're done tusslin' if ya' want. I don't 'spect they'll want your help, though."

"Can't you stop the fight?"

There is a loud thud as "Bull" discovers the thick leather armor beneath Thunderhorse's costume.

"'Spect I could, if'n I wanted to. But I don't. Way I see it, your brother started it, and these here boys seem willin' ta finish it. Now if knives get pulled, I'll put an end to it. Till then I'm gonna enjoy this."

There's another leathery thump as Bull's next blow bounces off Thunderhorse's chest.

"My brother is touched. He's from the hills, he's never been to town before, he doesn't know what's going on."

"Don't matter none. He's either gonna take a whoopin', or get arrested for brawlin'. Feller's gotta learn some manners, one way or another. You wanna step in, I'll arrest you, too. If you win, that is. I expect you'd get your butt whooped just the same. These ain't no dainties your dealin' with. That there's the 21st. Michigan's finest."

"Bull" hits the ground, unconscious.

"So...if he loses you'll let him bleed in the streets, and if he wins you'll arrest him?"

"That's about right,"

Another fighter steps forward. This one is a light on his toes and jumping around. "Take him DOWN, Pete!" The crowd is getting angry now.

"I suppose there'll be a fine involved in releasing him?"

Sheriff Jones turns to Doc. "I expect so,"

"How much?"

Pete jumps right in and throws a punch at Thunderhorse's face. Thunderhorse's arms are there just in time to block the blow with the bracers beneath his sleeves.

The Sheriff thinks it over for a moment. "Fifty dollars," nearly smiling at the relatively astronomical amount.

"Done," Doc produces a handful of ten dollar coins. The Sheriff is startled by this. "Once it's over, forget it happened."

Thunderhorse swings wide, barely connecting with the bouncing Pete's collarbone. Pete's loud yelp lets everyone know that even a glancing blow from a drunken viking hurts like hell.

Jones takes the coins and pockets them. "Yessir," his attention turns back to the fight, a genuine smile finally overcoming his gaseous discomfort.

"Now what about Dr... my uncle Steve? I heard his bail was five hundred..."

The sheriff turns back to Doc, the smile gone forever. "Well, that's an entirely different situation. A whole lotta people wanna see him on the gallows come tomorra'. Whole lotta important people, git me?"

Thunderhorse waits a moment while Pete hops back into reach, then easily knocks him to the ground. This time, the boys laugh.

"How about a thousand?"

The Sheriff seems more upset. "Look, son. It's gonna take more than fast talkin' and fast money to git'cher uncle outta this. Now bring it up again and I'll have you in the cell next to 'im."

Another contender approaches Thunderhorse, this one larger than the rest, nearly Thunderhrose's equal. He tosses aside a flask and wipes his mouth with a large, hairy arm as he steps forward. "Yeah, Cody! Knock him out!" the crowd cheers.

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Yer his lawyer, you figger it out."

There is an incredible cracking sound as Thunderhorse demolishes Cody's jaw in a single, sudden blast. The crowd relieves a collective "ooow" in sympathy. Some laugh. "Cody got knocked out by a dummy! HAW, HAW" Thunderhorse finally starts enjoying himself and laughs with them, or at them.

Their CO, however, is not laughing as he runs up the road cursing and swearing at his men. The Sheriff intercepts him, returning curses on why he's letting his men brawl in the streets. The rest of the militia men rouse their fallen companions and tend to their wounds. Cody is mounted on stretcher.

Thunderhorse pumps his fists into the air and releases another war-cry. He heads back to the stables and slumps down next to Lightning after filling a mug up with rum.

Doc, meanwhile, returns to Dr. Ritenrong's cell, taking advantage of the distraction.

"What's going on out there?" Dr. Ritenrong asks.

"Oh, Thunderhorse is just fighting the Michigan militia. And you're going up on a show trial with no chance of bail or bribery. We've got to get you out of here."

Doc goes for the vibroknives from the ship's galley. "Here," He hands one to Dr. Ritenrong. "Try to cut through your shackles,"

"Is this my good bread knife?"


"It doesn't cut through iron, only bread! Or tomatoes. I did see a commercial where someone cut though a soda can with one, but-"

"Okay, well, just keep it in case you need it," Doc interrupts him. He produces the bottle of hydrochloric acid.

"What's that?"

"Hydrochloric acid. Will this eat through iron, professor?" Doc asks sarcastically, at least mostly sarcastically.

"Well, yes, but you don't have enough of it,"

"I've got enough for this," Doc pours the contents of the bottle into the lock on the jail cell. The liquid runs red as rust inside the lock is quickly eaten away. Doc jiggles the bolt a bit. "It's working," he pours a bit more in. Quick, you push, I'll pull."

Doc pulls on the jail door's bars, and Dr. Ritenrong pushes. The door latch loosens and almost gives, but doesn't quite go.

Doc checks over his shoulder, outside. The sheriff can still be heard arguing with the captain. The militia men are gone.

Doc pours more acid into the lock. "One more time!" This time Doc yanks as hard as he can. Dr. Ritenrong throws himself against the door, just enough to break the latch.

The yelling outside stops.

Doc immediately closes the jail door again just before the sheriff comes back to the office.

"What the hell was that noise?!"


ERR said...

Round 2 (12 seconds passed)
Initiative: Thunderhorse 17 (17+0), "Bull" 7 (7+0)
Thunderhorse attacks (fists): 15 (10+5) vs. 11 Hit! Dmg 8 (4+4) NL. "Bull" Hp 2
"Bull" attacks (fists): 13 (10+3) vs 13 Hit! Dmg 4 (2+2) NL, Thunderhorse HP 9

Round 3 (24 seconds passed)
Initiative: Thunderhorse 10, "Bull" 20
"Bull" attacks (fists): 5 (3+2) vs. 13 miss.
Thunderhorse attacks (fists): 20 (15+5) vs. 11 Hit! Dmg 6(2+4) NL. "Bull" HP -2 , KO.

Round 4 (36 seconds passed)
Initiative: Thunderhorse 6, Pete 19 (17+2)
Pete attacks (fists): 12 (9+3) vs 13 Miss
Thunderhorse attacks (fists): 16 (11+5) vs. 13 hit Dmg 5 (1+4) NL, Pete HP 3

Round 5 (48 seconds passed)
Initiative: Thunderhorse 17, Pete 13 (11+2)
Thunderhorse attacks (fists): 24 (19+5) vs. 13 Hit Dmg 6 (2+4) NL, Pete HP -3, KO.

Doc Bribe check ($1000) 18 (14+4) vs. DC30 fail, XP+3

Round 6 (54 seconds passed), TURN
Initiative: Thunderhorse 15, Cody 2
Thunderhorse attacks 25 (20 + 5) Critical hit! Dmg 16 (4+4)x2 Cody -5 HP TKO

Combat Results: (60 seconds)
Thunderhorse 9 Hp
Thunderhorse +10 xp x4 = +40xp
Victory over 12 men: +120xp
First combat victory bonus: +200xp
Total +360 XP

Doc + Ritenrong Str Check 19 (7 + 13-1) vs DC20 Fail, XP+2
Doc + Ritenrong Str Check 20 (19 + 2 -1) vs DC20 Success XP+20

Doc total XP+25

Doc said...


"I was just explaining to Uncle Steve the predicament he has gotten himself into and he got mad and kicked the door. Listen sherrif, I need to look after my brother before he gets into more trouble, but I would like to buy you dinner and drinks later and discuss your findings about the murder. The trial is tomorrow and I don't have a lot of time to prepare his defence and you are the only person in town who could help me. I'm sure your job doesn't pay much, but if you could see your way clear to having dinner and a talk with me, I'm sure I could find another $50 to make it worth your while. Why don't I meet you here at the jail at 6pm and I'll bring a beefsteak as big as a barrelhead and all the trimmings, my treat, and we will shoot the bull for an hour. One hour and fifty dollars ain't much to ask when a man's life is at stake is it?"

I really need to sway the sherrif into accepting my invitation, so if there is any way I can cash in on some kind of bonus to my charisma, do it. Can I spend chi points to influence the roll, or is that exclusive to my read emotions ability?

Regardless of his answer, I'll head to the stables and rejoin Thunderhorse. I need to buy two horses with tack and saddles. I'm looking for fast horses and am willing to pay more than top dollar for them. Trade the booze, bolts of cloth, or most anything we have got to seal the deal. We need to travel light and fast. If we can shuck the barding on Lightening without Thunderhorse throwing a fit, so be it. I'll buy him some when we get back to the ship if he really wants it. Keep the survival kit, the lockpick set, the vibroknives, the laudnum, the nude photos, and the dynamite. Sober up Thunderhorse, explain the plan in detail to him and show up as planned at the jail to meet the sherrif. Position Thunderhorse behind him as I show him the "proof" that Dr. Ritenrong didn't do it (the nude photos) and let Thunderhorse hit him in the head. Put $200 in his pocket and shackle him in his own jail cell with a large dose of laudnum in him and a gag. Flee like wind for the ship and hope we bought fast enough horses. Reach the ship and make plans from there.

Charisma +4


Doc said...

Damn! This is getting good!