Training Addendum

In creating the character sheet for Dr. Ritenrong, I've discovered some possible imbalances with the current Training rank system. This addendum is to repair these imbalances.

Spending Skill points on Non-Combat Training will increase that training rank by one plus the appropriate ability modifier. If the ability modifier is negative, it will cost additional skill points to gain one training rank of that ability.

For instance, a character has a 16 (+3) Strength, 12 Dex (+1), 10 (+0) Con, 10 Int (+0), 8 Wis (-1), and 6 (-2) Cha. This character may spend 1 Skill point on a Strength-based training class and receive 4 ranks in it. For Dexterity based skills, the same character can spend 1 Skill point and receive 2 ranks in that Training. For Constitution and Intelligence training, 1 Skill point buys 1 Training rank. For Wisdom training, the character must spend 2 Skill points to get 1 Training rank. For Charisma, the character must spend 3 skill points to receive 1 training rank.

When purchasing training from an NPC, ranks may be added one at a time at a discount or possibly for more than normal price, depending on the modifier. For example, the above character need only spend $250 to learn to swim, but must spend $2000 to learn to survive in the woods, or $3000 to learn to sing. Time taken for training is also adjusted by the same percentages.

Specialization multipliers still apply to these additional ranks. Ability modifiers still apply to rolls.

This change should allow non-combat characters to advance in training more rapidly as they level, and thus overcome the more difficult challenges required to gain higher levels.

I will adjust character sheets accordingly and the new system will be used from now on.

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