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"[Thunderhorse! It's them!]" Doc yells. Mark, ahead of them in the crowd, turns back upon hearing Doc's voice. He draws his sword.

The two men in black reach into their inside pockets, trading their pain guns for tonfas. They whip them out to their full extension. They do not expect the steel blade falling on them from behind. Mark strikes one on the arm, forcing him to drop his club.

The other man in black swings at Doc's head, not noticing his partner's peril. But Doc is ready and steps back just as the tonfa passes his head. Doc already has his pain gun out. He steps back to get a clear shot, but the main in black is too fast. He steps away just as Doc activates the emitter.

Unfortunately for him, the man in black steps right into Thunderhorse's fist. His jaw buckles sideways as the leathery viking knuckles plow through his face.

The crowd behind them stops and gasps as they watch the fight. From the sound of the voices behind them and the ever louder sound of rushing water, they wont wait long.

Doc blasts the man in black with the pain gun. Still dazed from being hit in the face, he isn't able to get away this time. He shrieks in pain and takes off running up the hallway. Thunderhorse runs up after him.

The first man in black, having been disarmed, is in a martial arts stance and strikes at Mark, landing a good chop on Mark's arm. Mark retaliates with a swipe of his blade, but the man in black jumps back away from it, right into Thunderhorse. Thunderhorse nails him with a right hook, knocking him silly.

The crowd is getting anxious as the water is still rising. A few braver souls begin to push their way out of the traffic jam and run past the combatants. The main in black, still reeling from the pain gun, disappears into the escaping crowd.

His partner, unfazed by Thunderhorse's punch, throws a roundhouse kick at Mark, hitting him in the gut. Doc tries to hit him with the pain gun, but he dodges. Thunderhorse throws another punch, the man in black blocks it. Mark swings his sword, but the man is in full out ninja kill mode and again, dodges.

The crowd is now completely fed up with this silly fight and begins rushing past them en mass. Mark sheaths his sword, unable to swing it with any effect. Instead, he lunges at the man in black, grabbing him in a bear hug. The man in black tries to break free, but can't. Doc comes up behind the man in black and whacks him with his pain gun. The man in black goes limp.

"[Thunderhorse! Help mark carry him and follow me!]" Doc shouts above the screaming crowd. Mark turns the man around so he's got his back while Thunderhorse grabs his legs. Doc runs over to the hover cart where a half dozen people are piling on.

"Sorry, folks, but we need this!" Doc shouts as he hits them with the pain gun. They all jump off, shouting while Doc gets in the drivers seat. Thunderhorse and Mark throw the body on the backseat and jump on. It doesn't take Doc long to get the thing going, it works just like a golf cart. As he turns the cart around to join the cart traffic in the outer corridor, a couple of the people he had shooed away before jump back on, shouting a variety of insults.

The hover cart goes like mad, even with the full load. Soon, they're going at least forty miles an hour up the outer corridor, following the other hover carts on their way to safety.


ERR said...

Initiative: MiB 13, TH 8, Doc 8, Mark 16

Mark Move: Draw sword
Mark Attacks MiB 1 (Sword): 22 (18+4) vs 18 Hit. 4 Dmg. MiB HP 8

MiB 1 Move: Draw Tonfa
MiB 1 Attacks Mark (Tonfa): 1 Critical Failure, Disarmed

MiB2 Move: Draw Tonfa
MiB 2: Attack Doc (Tonfa): 9 (6+3) vs Doc 13 Miss

Doc Free: Draw Pain Gun
Doc Move: Back off
Doc Attacks MiB 1 (Pain Gun): 5 (2+3) vs MiB 2 Reflex 16 (12+4), Miss

Thunderhorse Move: Close on MiB through crowd
Thunderhorse Attacks MiB 2 (Fists): 21 (16+5) vs. 18 Hit, Dmg 7 NL

Crowd: Waits

Round 2: 30 seconds passed
Initiative: Mark 16/4, MiB 16/16, Doc 21, TH 12

Doc Attacks MiB 2, Pain Gun: 13 (10+3) vs. 12 (8+4) Hit! MiB 2 Flees!

MiB 1 Attacks Mark (Martial Arts): 22 (19+3) vs 14, Hit. Dmg 5. Mark HP 11
MiB 2: Flees! Random direction 6 (back left)

Mark Attacks MiB 1 (sword): 13 (9+4) vs. 18 miss

Thunderhorse Move: Closes on MiB 1
Thunderhorse attacks MiB 1: 23 (18+5) vs. 18 Hit. Dmg 7 NL. MiB1 Hp 8 L, 1 NL

Crowd starts pushing past battle

Round 3: 1:00 passed

Initiative: Doc 13, MiB 22, Mark 6, TH 11

MiB 1 Attacks Mark (MA): 18 (15+3) vs 14 Hit, 3 Dmg. Mark HP 8
MiB 2 Retreats into Crowd

Doc Attacks MiB1 (Pain gun): 5 (2+3) vs. 13 (9+4) Miss

TH Attacks MIB1 (Fists): 15 (10+5) vs. 18 Miss

Mark Attacks MiB (Sword) 14 (10+4)vs. 18 Miss

Crowd overruns; No dodging, No swords

Round 4: 1:30 passed

Initiative: MiB 22/9, Doc 14, TH 4, Mark 22/22

Mark Move: Sheath sword
MiB 1 Attack of Opportunity: 7(4+3) vs 14 Miss
Mark Initiate Grapple: 21 (17+4) vs. 17, Grabbed
Mark Grapple check: 22 (20 + 2) Critical success, Held

MiB Escape Grapple: 15 vs 17(15+2) Failed

Doc attacks MiB 1 (Pain gun as Club) : 18 (17+1) vs. 17 Hit, Dmg 3 NL. MiB1 HP 8L, -2NL Unconscious

Combat results:
1:48 passed
Party XP +40
Mark HP 8

Doc said...


"We kick ass!" Try and call Steve or Veronica, and find out what we can from Mib.