Fire on this Guy

"Thank you gentlemen, but I'm enjoying myself here with my new friends..oops!"

Doc dumps the contents of the Everclear bottle at the two men in black before dropping it at their feet, with a little extra oomph. The bottle shatters on the steel-toe of the MiB's boot, soaking their pants and the surrounding floor in 190 proof alcohol. He snags the lighter from his pocket as swiftly as he can.

Before he can get down to light it, though, the two men raise their pain guns. Doc jumps to the left over the chaise lounge he was sitting on as the red light of the rightmost man's pain gun illuminates. Unfortunately, he jumps right into the line of fire of the second pain gun.

The pain is incredible. It's like a million bullet ants crawled under Doc's skin and set themselves on fire. Doc can't even think, it's completely unbearable. His body responds the only way it can; by running away.

He heads back towards the bathroom doors. "HELP! RAPE! FIRE! MURDER! POLICE! HELP!" he screams at the top of his lungs as he flees. Within moments, he's safe behind the metal door, away at last from the nerve-searing radiation.

There's no lock on the door. "LOCK!" he yells at it. Surprisingly, it clicks shut.

Doc surveys the bathroom for useful items, preferably something flammable. No paper towels, only hand dryers. No toilet paper in the stalls, all the toilets have automatic bidets and blow driers. No sanitary sheets, either. Fucking futuristic self-cleaning wipe-your-ass-for-you toilets, he thinks.

The door shakes and knocks as the two men. Doc regrets his decision to run this way, but there's really no overriding instinct. They stop banging on the door. Doc can hear one of the men saying something. It's not clear what; it does not sound like English. The translator can't pick up the sound muffled by the door. It seems to be a series of short, sharp commands.

The door unlocks its self. Doc squats behind the door, blocking it. A booted foot slides in to hold it open. He tries to light the pant leg on fire. The owner moves it back too swiftly. Doc pushes against the door again. The leg re-appears to wedge it open. Doc sets it on fire this time.

The man screams as he runs off, shaking his leg. Suddenly, the door slams Doc back as the second man shoves it hard. Doc staggers back, still on his feet but dropping his lighter. The man's pain gun lines up on him. Doc steps quickly into the man's personal space, grabs the offending arm and slams it into the wall, forcing him to drop the weapon. Doc lands a right hook on the man's jaw.

The man in black shrugs off the hit. He yanks his arm hard back out of Doc's grip and falls back into a martial arts stance. He launches a powerful jab directly at Doc's neck. Doc just barely ducks away from it.

Fuck me running! Doc thinks. He can hear the air popping from the force of the strike. This guy is not fucking around. There's no way out of this bathroom except through this guy.

Doc charges, trying to push past the man in black. The man blocks the whole door and stops his progress, shoving Doc back with a sharp jab to the chest. Doc falls back but does not fall over. He quickly regains his balance and charges again, harder this time. The man in black kicks into Doc's gut, but Doc shoves back hard with his whole, aching body. The man in black loses his balance and falls backwards onto the floor behind the bar.

Doc runs like hell. The other MiB, whose leg is still in the ice-filled beer cooler, fires his pain gun at him as he runs. The pain hits Doc once again. It's like a kidney stone in his eyes and napalm in his blood. He keeps on running, past Nigel, Frans, and Glorth who were standing by, watching the fight.

A few Dolphins are swimming in the tank in front of the bar, also observing this crazy human spectacle. Red and blue lights are flashing and a siren wails. A hover scooter carrying two OUE Security officers approaches from the right, while another two foot guards run toward the scene from the left. The hover scooter stops in front of Doc.

"Hands on your head! Down on the ground!" one of them yells as he dismounts, pointing his sonic blaster at Doc's face.

The other jumps off and runs into the Blue Lounge, reciting his practiced anthem. "This is a security control! Everyone remain calm! Please kneel, and place your hands on the ground in front of you! Have your ID cards ready for scanning!"


ERR said...

Doc attacks, Everclear: 12 (11+1) vs AC5, Hit target
Doc Moves, draw Lighter
MiB 1 Attacks, Pain gun 12(8+4) vs. Doc Reflex 13(11+2), Doc saves.
Close call!
MiB 2 Attacks, Pain Gun 24(20+4) vs. Doc Reflex 21 (19+2) Critical hit! SO FUCKING CLOSE!

Round 2 (18 seconds passed)
Initiative: Doc 21, MiB 15
Doc flees random direction (4), back right
MiB give chase
Police called, T-2:00

Round 3 (36 seconds passed)
Initiative: Doc 6, MiB 20
MiB: Remote lock override
Doc Attacks, Lighter: 8 (7+1) vs. 14, Miss

Round 4 (54 seconds passed)
Initiative: Doc 10, MiB 4
Doc attacks, Lighter: 14 (13+1) vs 14 Hit, 1 Dmg; Burning for 4 rounds
MiB 1: Trying to extinguish flames (1)
MiB 2: Force Door, Str Check 10 vs. Doc 4, Door opened (HP11)

Round 5 (1:12 passed)
Initiative: Doc 8, MiB 17
MiB 2 Attacks, Pain Gun: 18 (14+4) vs. Doc Reflex 21(19+2) Doc Wins!
Doc Initiates Grapple: 21 (20+1) Critical Success! MiB drops pain gun.
MiB 1: Trying to extinguish flames (2), 1 Dmg (HP 10)

Round 6 (1:30 passed)
Initiative: Doc 18, MiB 13
Doc Attacks, Punch: Doc 13 (12+1) vs opposed grapple 13 (10+3), hit. 1 NL Dmg MiB 2 HP 11, NL.
MiB 2 Escape grapple: MiB 20 (17+3) vs Doc 7 (6+1), Escaped
MiB 1: Trying to extinguish flames (3), 4 dmg (HP 6)

Round 7 (1:48 passed)
Initiative: Doc 6, MiB 14
MiB 2 attacks, Martial Arts: 11 (8+3) vs. Doc 13, miss
Doc Overrun:
MiB2 attack of opportunity: 15 (12+3) vs. Doc 13, Hit, Dmg 2. Doc HP 10.
Doc Str. Check 4 vs. MiB 2 Dex check 21, failed
MiB 2 Str. Check 8 vs. Doc Dex check 11, failed
MiB 1: Extinguishes flames (4), 1 Dmg (HP 5)

Round 8 (2:06 passed)
Initiative: Doc 17, MiB 5
Doc Overrun:
MiB 2 Attack of Opportunity: 21 (18+3) vs. Doc 14, Hit. Dmg 4 (Doc HP 6)
Doc Str. Check 17 vs. MiB Dex check 13, success. MiB 2 knocked Prone
MiB 1 Attacks, Pain Gun 18 (14+4) vs. Doc Reflex 11 (9+2), Hit!
Doc Flee, random direction (1): forward
oh, okay.

Combat Complete, 2:24 passed
Doc Wins, XP+73
Doc HP 6

Doc said...


"Thank God you're here! They are trying to kill me!"

Get down and produce my ID, for what it's worth.

Try and play the part of a helpless victim and hope the OUE can catch these guys so maybe I can find out what they want.

If I've got to spend a chi point or two to get out of this, do so, but I need to be on the outside so I can figure out a way to get Thunderhorse out and get back to Steve. If I need to spend some chi to get someone to tell me what the fuck is going on, do that too. Being in the dark about everything is almost as painful as the pain gun.

Should I wind up going "downtown", try and put in a call to Steve so he can come and get me, or bail me out, or break me out. I figure he owes me at least one jailbreak.

Meta: This is not at all what I'd hoped for, but at least I got to set one dude on fire. That counts for something in my book.


Doc said...


If the OUE questions me about what happened, cite the Dolphins for witnesses. Dolphins wouldn't lie, would they?


Doc said...


Meta: I love the breakdown of the rolls after reading how it turned out. It makes the story more potent somehow.


Doc said...

Love the line, "It's like a kidney stone in his eyes and napalm in his blood."

I can picture that oddly enough.