Fist Fight at the Laundromat

Doc calmly finishes packing up his satchel. "No knives ladies. He's a dumb ass and has this coming, but I'm his doctor and I can't have you cutting him up, but a few new knots on his head would be okay."

"Shut your hoopdy maw, jackalack, or I'll jib you, too!" Kelley yells at him, using peculiar vernacular.

Mark has his hands in the air. "Okay, ladies. We can take this outside. I lost, fair and square, and if you wanna kick my butt, I'll let you have a fair chance. But if'n you keep that blade out, I'll have to even the odds." He pushes the door open with his ass. "After you."

Kelley puts the knife away. She and Janet head for the door. They stop where Mark is holding it open for them. "You first. We insist."

Mark respectfully obeys. The three head outside.

Thunderhorse tosses the rest of his beer down his throat. "[Daniels is going to get clobbered by women. This I cannot miss.]" He goes outside to watch.

Doc heads back to the bar to finish his round and get a six-pack to go.

As they step outside, Kelley pulls back for a sucker punch, but Mark swings around and catches her in the forehead with his elbow. Her swing goes nowhere as she's momentarily knocked off balance. She catches herself quickly, though, and responds with an upper cut from the left into his jaw. Mark throws a left hook into her eye, then follows with a right hook. Kelley steps back in time to miss the second blow, then lunges forward and jabs him right in the groin.

Mark loses his wind and goes down. Thunderhorse laughs his ass off. Kelley kicks him for good measure.

Janet hocks a loogie on him. "See you next time, cowboy." The two bikers get on their skycycles. Their engines roar with a guttural scream. They take off into the sky.

Doc comes outside with a six pack of Pabst tallboys, followed by Steve. "Help me get him in the ship, Thunderhorse," Steve asks. Thunderhorse obeys.

They chuck Mark in the backseat and climb into their own chairs.

"So why are we here in Milwaukee, Steve?" Doc asks as he gets back into his own shirt and out of the Exkorean's, which is two sizes too small.

Steve fires up the ships engines and starts lifting off. "Our primary mission is to find out why Alyss Valia does not exist on this time line. She's the only starfighter pilot in all of history who can possibly stop that warship from entering into the galactic destruction zone. Second, I want to find out what the fuck happened to my space ship. To do that, I'll have to hack into an interstellar courier's database and find out what solar system she's in, because she's sure as shit not in this one." Steve is understandably upset about this.

"So what do we do next?"

"Well, I need to go to the DataPlex supercomputing center downtown. I'd like you to try to find out anything you can about Dmitri Valia and Nadine McClaren, Alyss's parents. I only have some preliminary information on them. They're supposed to be married and living somewhere here in Milwaukee. Dmitri is a design engineer at VelociTech Stardrive Systems, and Nadine was his secretary before they were married but is now manager of a graphics design firm, Sundial Studios or something like that. Their 30th anniversary is coming up in about a month. Nadine is originally from Neorleans and Dmitri was born in Moscow."

The ship sets down on a much nicer rooftop parking lot, high in the sky. Steve opens the cabin and jumps out. "I'll call you when I'm ready to go. There's a small chance I'll have to make a quick exit, if so I'll tell you where you can find me. Just tell the ship where you want to go and the GPS navigator will guide you there. Good luck."


ERR said...

Doc Diplomacy check 10 (6+4) vs. Bikers 12, Fail. XP+1
Mark Intimidate check 15(16-1) vs. Bikers 10, Success. XP+10
Round 1
Initiative: Mark 22, Kelley 6
Mark attacks Kelley, Fists: 18 (14+4) vs 13 Hit, 5 dmg NL. Kelley HP 11 NL
Kelley attacks Mark, Knuckles: 9(2+7) vs 14 Miss

Round 2, 0:12
Initiative: Mark 11, Kelley 13
Kelley attacks Mark, Knuckles: 17(10+7) vs 14 Hit, 5 dmg NL. Mark HP 3 NL
Mark attacks Kelley, Fists: 14 (10+4) vs 14 Hit, 3 dmg NL, Kelley 8 HP

Round 3, 0:24
Initiative: Kelley 2, Mark 18
Mark attacks Kelley, Fists: 12 (8+4) vs 14 Miss
Kelley attack Mark, Knuckles: 25(18+7) hit, 6 dmg NL, Mark HP 0 NL, Unconscious

Combat results
36 seconds passed
Mark is unconscious for 2 hours

Doc said...


Go to sundial studios.


Doc said...

Sorry I took so long to get back to you, but I thought I'd already commented and hadn't.