Questioning the Witness

"You had better start talking or you are going to take a short walk out an airlock! There is a lot of junk up here. One more piece of trash won't be noticed," Doc yells at the man in black.

"I will tell you nothing. You can't scare me," says the man in black.

"Thunderhorse," Doc says, opening his switchblade. "Cut his finger off."

Thunderhorse starts laughing maniacally as he takes the blade from Doc. He grabs the MiB's hogtied hand. The MiB starts screaming.

"No! Stop! Don't! Please!" he protests.

"Who are you? Who do you work for?" Doc demands.

"My name is Cho Sing Tsu. I am a locater for the Democratic Peoples Republic of Exkoreans."

"What is your mission?"

"I was sent to capture you and your time device. "

"How did you learn of the time device? How did you know we would be here?"

"All we had to do is look up your name in the history records. We found you here easily. We have sent agents to every period where your name shows up. We will find you and capture you if we haven't already. You capitalist pigs have broken the Pact for the Non-Militarization of Time. We seek only to balance your power and avoid being wiped from history!"

"What are you talking about? We haven't taken any military actions against you."

"The mere existence of your time device nullifies the treaty. You are a threat and you will be destroyed. Earth will be ours again, and you will all be slaves to the Republic!"


ERR said...

Doc Intimidate check 16 (10+4+2) vs. 15 (14+2-1), Success XP+15

Doc said...


Threaten to cut off his thumb if he doesn't provide dates and times. Should he be unmoved, switch to his genitals. If he does or he doesn't come through with the info, run the data banks and pitch him. He deserves no mercy. He signed up for a ruthless government, he gets what they would have given him. An honorable death by airlock at most. Farewell young traveler; and good riddance. Major Tom had it worse. He left behind a wife. If he had a wife and child, they will be taken care of by the state. Fuck him. He is more than disposable, or at least his country thought so. Pitch him, the poor bastard.

Should they want war, we are grossly ill prepared, but we do have the benefit of time on our side. We could muster quite a bit of gumption, among other things. But the nasty down-side is a lot of suffering. Try to avoid that.

We have come to mend and heal but if this one life can lead to the greater good, so be it. We will note the time of our ill deed and revisit here when we know better.

One must always have hope.