Yellow Alert, Pt 3

Across the street from Doc and Thunderhorse, Mark and Steve bunker down. A blast of blue-white energy smashes through the clothing store window at the lieutenant. The shattering glass disperses the pulse of micro bullets, flinging them harmlessly in random directions.

"Doc," Steve calls, "someone's trying to disconnect you from the PA system. I'll try to maintain the connection."

Doc continues rallying support for their cause as he stands against the wall next to the door of the sporting goods store. No one else joins the fight. It seems that everyone willing to rise up is already entering the melee, at least on this deck. He leans out the door and takes aim at the running lieutenant. He fails to lead him properly and misses.

Thunderhorse fires at the same guard through the window. Again, the shattering glass disperses the pulse.

Steve calls Doc back. "The PA system is still yours, Doc. I trashed their terminal. Whoever's on the other end is gonna have to find a new computer. That might not be long, though. I'll keep on it."

In the meantime, the crowd envelops and beats its attackers. Another riot guard is trampled as the other is pounded. One of the armed guards is immediately trampled while his counterpart runs away from the dog pile. Their sergeant is punched in the face. The man with the shotgun takes a hit from a stolen sonic blaster, incapacitating him for the time being.

The crowd presses hard against its oppressors. The last riot guard is pressed against the wall and beaten down. The armed guards all get pummelled as the rioters surround and beat them down. The stunned captain takes a few good whacks from scavenged weapons.

Veronica comes online. "Well, you're little trick with the PA worked. Disturbances reported on all decks. The current estimate is seven hundred rioters total. They're discussing whether to bump up to Orange alert. If that happens you're going to see much heavier resistance, possibly armored vehicles. You've got three units on your site, as I'm sure you're aware, and six more units dispatched. That's another 18 guards on their way. You better keep moving."


ERR said...

Mark attacks Reg Lt 1, RGAR: 7(2+5) vs 19 miss
Doc Persuasion 10(4+6) vs. DC 15, Fail.
Doc attacks Reg Lt 1, PION: 11 (6+5) vs 19, Miss.
TH attacks Reg Lt 1, RGAR: 13(10+3) vs 19, miss.
Steve Computing check 47(18+29) vs. Pirates 26(1+25), Pirates Critical fail.
Crowd vs. Riot Guard 1: 1 hit, 4 dmg NL. HP 2 NL
Crowd vs. Riot Guard 2: 3 hits, 1 critical hit: 16 dmg NL, KO
Crowd vs. Reg Pvt 1: 2 hits, 1 crit hit: 9 dmg NL, KO
Crowd vs. Reg Pvt 2: crit fail
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 1: 2 crit hits, 3 dmg NL. HP 13 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 2: 0 hits
Crowd vs. Reg Lt 2: 0 hits
Crowd vs. Reg Cpt: 1 crit hit, crit fail. 8 dmg NL, Stunned. HP 24 NL

Round 3, 3:18 passed:
Initiative: Pirates 7, Time ops 9, crowd 17.
Crowd vs. Riot Guard 1: 1 crit hit, KO
Crowd vs. Reg Pvt 2: 1 hit, 1 dmg NL, Stunned. HP 7 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 1: 1 hit, 1 dmg NL. HP 12 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 2: 2 hits, 2 crit hits. 14 dmg NL. HP 2 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Lt 2: 1 crit hit, 8 dmg NL. HP 16 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Cpt: 2 hits, 1 crit hit 8 dmg NL, + 4 lethal. HP 28, 16 NL

Current crowd stats: 184 total
HP:736 Init:+0
Attack:+0 Def 10
Damage: 98% 1d4 NL, 2% 1d6 Lethal; 9% Chance stun

Doc said...

"Keep moving people! We need to take the bridge and engineering quick before it they can mobilize!"