Yellow Alet, Pt 2

"Thunderhorse with me, Steve with Mark. Split up and take cover," Doc instructs the Time Operatives. "Steve, can you patch me into the ship's PA system?"

"I can try. Give me a few."

Mark and Steve head across the street towards an open clothing store. Steve seems to be staring at the floor as he runs, his lips moving like he's reading an invisible book.

Mark stops briefly to take a long shot at the guards approaching from behind. The shot ruptures the guard's helmet, slowing and spreading the pulse of bullets, causing his head to explode beneath his mask. His head is literally blown off.

"Easy as pointin' yer finger," Mark praises his new toy.

Doc heads towards the sporting goods store on the fore-bound side of the street. Thunderhorse stays behind a moment to fire at the guards as well. He manages to compensate for the recoil this time and the weapon stays true; a direct hit to the chest, killing the second guard. Thunderhorse joins Doc in the store.

Steve calls Doc. "Okay, you're in."

Doc tries it out. "Attention, passengers of the Indestructable Starship Marseille Marriott. This ship's crew are pirates, and you are all prisoners of Admiral Spaaz. If you want to survive this journey, grab whatever you can and storm the bridge! People, unite! We will not be made slaves or killed like sheep!"

His words echo down the vast corridor.

Something about the combination of Doc's words and the sight of armed guards running towards a mass of civilians stirs the docile to action. People in stores flood the street, screaming about their money and demanding revenge.

The three riot control guards are swarmed by the crowd. One is decked in the face, but the rioters trip over themselves trying to beat him further. Another manages to defend himself against the rioters until he's kicked squarely in the balls. Other rioters then entangle themselves trying to finish him off. The third is simply beaten senseless. The other two regain their footing and continue bashing heads with their shocksticks. Rioters fall to the ground, screaming in electric agony.

The stunned are the fortunate, as the armed guards close in fast. The remaining runner fires wildly into the crowd. The crowd is so close together the bullet wounds three people before stopping in someone's shoulder.

The hover carts come screeching to a stop. The six guards dismount and also start firing into the crowds, killing and wounding several more people. One of them, the highest ranking one, has a shotgun. It's loud, echoing blast cuts through the rioters like butter.


ERR said...

Mark attacks Reg. Sgt w/ RGAR: 23 (20+5-2) vs 16, Critical Hit, Damage 25, Massive Damage, Dead.
Doc delays
Thunderhorse Attacks Reg. Sgt. w/ RGAR: 19 (18+3-2) vs 16, Hit. Damage 20, Massive Damage, Dead
Steve Hacking attempt 45 (16+29) vs. 30, Success XP+30
Doc Persuasion: 18 (12+4+2) vs. 10, Success, XP+10. Crowd +109.
Crowd attacks Riot guard 1: Def 14: 16 hit 2nl, 1 critical fail. HP: 6 NL
Crowd attacks riot guard 2: 8,4,5,3,20 crit 6 NL, 12, 1 crit fail. HP 2 NL
Crowd attacks riot guard 3: 5, 18 hit 3 nl, 19 hit 4 nl, 15 hit 3 nl, KO.
Riot guard 1 vs. Crowd, Shockstick: 18(14+4) hit , 7 Dmg NL
Riot Guard 2 vs. Crowd, Shockstick: 23 (19+4) hit, 8 dmg NL
Reg. Lt: Runs 100'
Security Hover cart 1: Moves 220'
Security Hover cart 2: Moves 220'

Round 2: 1:12 passed
Initiative: Time ops 20/20, Crowd 1, Pirates 20/21,
Riot Guard 1 vs Crowd 15(11+4) hit, 9 NL
Riot Guard 2 vs Crowd 7(3+4) miss.
Reg. Lt 1: Move 25', Attacks crowd w/ Slugthrower: 17(13+6-2) hit, 10 dmg
Hover cart 1: Move 80', stop. 2 Reg. Pvt, 1 Reg Sgt Dismount
Reg Pvt 1 attacks Crowd, Slug: 14(10+4), Hit 10 dmg
Reg Pvt 2 attacks Crowd, slug: 7 (3+4) miss
Reg Sgt 1 attacks crowd, slug: 16(11+5) hit, 12 dmg
Hover cart 2: Move 80', stop. 1 Reg Sgt, 1 Reg Lt, 1 Reg Cpt.
Reg Sgt 2 attacks crowd, slug: 13(8+5) hit, 8 dmg
Reg Lt 2 attacks crowd, slug: 12 (6+6) hit, 12 dmg
Reg Cpt attacks crowd, Shotgun 26(19+7) hit, 14 dmg

Current crowd stats:
89 start+109 gained - 14 disabled = 184 total
HP:736 Init:+0
Attack:+0 Def 10
Damage: 1d4 NL, 6% Chance stun

Doc said...

Take out the guards/pirates as we go. Keep calling to the crowd on the PA. Give them hell and keep taking them down and handing out their weapons.

This just keeps getting better!