Yellow Alert Pt 5

The Time Operatives rejoin behind a pack of raving wild rioters in the middle of the outdoor road inside a six-kilometer long space ship headed for Alpha Centauri at two hundred times the speed of light.

"Hey, Thunderhorse! " calls Captain Mark Daniels of the Michigan Territorial Militia as they approach each other. "Lift me up!"

"What?" asks Thunderhorse, the long-haired Norse warrior.

"Lift me on your shoulders! I wanna good shot at that guy! I can't see him over the crowd."

Thunderhorse complies. He lifts the man; a mid-19th century wool coat and cap clad soldier on top of a wood-ax and rail-gun assault rifle wielding viking in chain-laden Hot Topic pants, a Manowar shirt, and a goat-skull helmet.

Dr. Lucas Shaw of the Smithsonian Institute's Temporalonautic Research Division shouts into a megaphone, egging the crowd on down the hall. His voice echoes down the hall on the ship-wide PA system. People who were hesitant before take inspiration from his words and confidence from their victories and join the crowd.

The echo suddenly stops.

"Damnit!" Calls Dr. Steve Ritenrong, quantum temporal physicist and inventor of the Q-TIP, the time device by which the Operatives find themselves in this situation. "They cut us off the PA system. I'll try to re-establish the connection before they regain total control!"

Too late, apparently, as a new voice echoes through the PA system.

"This is Admiral Spaaz to the passengers of the IDS Marseille Marriott. Please remain calm and remain in your quarters, or seek shelter in the nearest convenient shopping center. Pirates have boarded and are attempting to incite a riot in order to gain control of the ship. Do not listen to them. Please discontinue your rampage and return to your cabins. Security forces have been dispatched to deal with the problem. Anyone who interferes with our security forces will be considered a pirate and dealt with as one. Please return to your cabins where you will be safe. Message repeat..."

Many of the rioters do not hear the announcement, but a few of them do. A handful secretly slink out of the crowd and into the shops along the street, where they wait quietly, hoping no one will notice them.

The rest of the security forces in this area of the deck find themselves swamped by rioters. Surrounded, their guns are useless. They switch to knives and shock maces, a more violent and deadly version of the shock mace used by the riot cops. One of these weapons is stolen by the crowd before it can be swung. The rest find a mark somewhere in the mass of bodies, incapacitating a few more of the rioters.

Mark levels his assault rifle at the Captain, taking careful aim. His balance is steady, his gun is straight. Thunderhorse, however, is not. Just before Mark pulls the trigger, Thunderhorse wobbles and drops Mark on his face.

"Fuck!" He says as he gets back up. "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"You are fat!" Thunderhorse yells back. "Lose some weight!"

"You're the fat one, you drunk bastard! Shit! That hurt, you dick."

Doc continues cajoling the crowd with the microphone, trying to undo the damage Spaaz has already done to the cause. "Don't listen to him! He's the pirate who's kidnapping you! Stand up against him! They'll kill us all!" The people who ran off before start to come back out from their hiding places, joined by a few others as well.

Spaaz's voice suddenly cuts out and is replaced by Doc's again.

"You're back online!" Steve calls into the com. "I don't know how long you've got before they just cut the system off altogether."

The pirate security forces try to fight off the oppressive, crushing crowd, but in the end are utterly swamped. Their captain is knocked out, and the rest follow. The Lieutenant is the last to fall, his arm raising helplessly as the sea of mob finally overwhelms him.


ERR said...

Mark climbs Thunderhorse
Doc Persuade 17(11+4+2) vs 15, Success. Crowd +190, Shipwide +8.12% =14.52%
Thunderhorse Lifts Mark
Steve Hacking check 32 (3+29)vs 34(9+25), Failed
Pirates Computing Check 37(12+25) vs Steve 36 (7+29), Success
Spaaz dissipate rioters 12 vs 10, Success. Crowd -20, Shipwide - 1.16%, = 13.36%
Reg Pvt attacks Crowd, Knife: 14(10+4), hit. 5 dmg. Crowd -1
Reg Sgt 1 attacks Crowd, Shock Mace: 8(1+7) crit fail, miss. Disarmed
Reg Lt 2 attacks crowd, Combat Knife: 21(15+6) hit, 5 dmg. crowd -1
Reg Cpt attacks Crowd, shock mace: 12(3+9) hit, 4 dmg. Crowd -1

Round 6: 7:42 passed
Initiative: Time ops 21, Pirates 8, Crowd 7
Mark attacks Captain w/ RGAR: Balance check: 14(11+3) vs DC10, success
TH balance check: 2(1+1) crit fail.
Doc Persuade crowd: 11(5+6) vs. DC10, crowd +29
Steve Hacking Check 43 vs 30, Success
Reg Pvt attacks Crowd, Knife: 6(2+4),Miss
Reg Sgt 1 attacks Crowd, Combat Knife: 16(9+7) hit, 3
Reg Lt 2 attacks crowd, Combat Knife: 12(6+6) hit, 6 dmg crowd-1
Reg Cpt attacks Crowd, shock mace: 10(`+9) critical failure
Crowd vs. Reg Pvt: 1 hit, 4 dmg NL. HP 0 NL, KO
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 1: 3 hits, 1 crit. Dmg 10 NL, 4 L. KO
Crowd vs. Reg Lt 2:1 hit, 1 crit. Dmg 10 NL, HP 6 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Cpt: 2 hits, 5 dmg NL HP 28, -2 NL, KO

Round 7: 8:48 passed
Init Time Ops 13, Pirates 12, Crowd 14
Crowd vs. RegLt 2: 3 hits, 7 dmg NL, HP-1NL KO

ERR said...

Sorry about the long delay, I have been swamped with fucking meetings all week this week.

Doc said...

"The whole ship is run by pirates! Admiral Spaaz is leading them! They want to enslave you! You must fight for your lives! Only if we band together can we defeat them! Don't trust any crew member! They are ALL pirates! Rise up! Attack your oppressers! It is our only chance! Head for the bridge and engineering sections. Don't take the elevators. Use crew member badges to move on. I don't know how much longer I can speak to you, but don't stop until the ship is ours! Crew members, lay down your arms and surrender. Don't slay innocent people! You will be treated fairly if you help defeat the evil Admiral Spaaz!"

Keep going as best we can and see if Veronica can be of any more help.

Meta: I understand about the delay. Life intrudes and I figured that work was keeping you busy, especially right before the holidays. See if you can find some time to get away and come and see me or give me a ring when you get the chance.


ERR said...

Combat Results:
8 minutes, 54 seconds passed.
Mark: 10 dmg, HP 6 total. RGAR Ammo: 85
Doc: PION ammo: 235, XP+60
TH: RGAR Ammo: 76
Steve: PION ammo: 237, XP+118

Defeated: 2 reg sgts, 1 reg lt. Combined level 7 vs. Party level 10, XP 490 + 75 bonus = Party +565 XP

TH Levels up!