Yellow Alert Pt 4

Mark fires again at the Lieutenant running towards the crowd. The guard sees him raise his gun, and instinctively ducks before he fires. The bolt just barely misses him.

Doc fires at him from his doorway as well. Strangely, the weapon's overheating indicator turns yellow, even though he's only shot it once in the last minute or so. Doc remebers what Steve told him about the power pack's volatility and is very concerned until the light cools back down. Everything seems to be okay. Just a simple misfire.

Forgetting that, Doc calls out with his megaphone and into the PA system. ""Keep moving people! We need to take the bridge and engineering quick before it they can mobilize!"

"Man, this guy is fast," Mark calls over the headset. "Try the automatic setting, Thunderhorse."

Thunderhorse does. The weapon belches out ten bolts in rapid succession, peppering the area with high velocity microbullets. One bolt tears through part of his leg.

"Good shot!"

Steve also tries to pin this guy down. He fires at him with the Pulse ION pistol. The beam cuts just barely in front of the man. He stops short briefly enough to avoid being partially disintegrated.

He's got some damn balls, though. Rather than seeking cover, he rushes towards the clothing store where Mark and Steve are bunkered, firing at them. Mark ducks behind the store's wall. The first shot misses, but the next shot hits him in the upper arm. The bullet does not penetrate his reactive gel armor, but if the force at which he spins back is any indication, he just got a really nasty bruise. Mark clutches his wound and yelps.

"Cock sucking mother fucker!"

Meanwhile, the other armed guards continue firing into the crowd with no regard to human life. The stunned guards recover, including the shotgun weilding captain. They drop nearly twenty people.

Mark pissed. He switches to autofire and opens up on the lieutenant. The guard does an amazing power slide underneath the spray of fire with a catlike return to his feet once the death storm ends.

"Son of a bitch!" Mark calls over the com.

"Shoot that sonofabitch!" yells Doc.

Doc shoots at that sonofabitch. Thunderhorse opens automatic fire on him. The sonofabitch dodges Doc's laserbeam, but winds up absorbing nearly every single blast from Thunderhorse's assault rifle. The fucker is torn to shreds.

"Doc, they're at it again," Steve says over the com. "They're trying to disconnect the PA system altogether. I'll try to hold on to it."

The crowd continues to beat the hell out of the armed guards as it surges forward, enveloping them like an amoeba. One of the Sergeants falls beneath their wailing fists and is sumarily trampled. The Captain takes a hell of a beating as well, but manages to stay standing, for now.


ERR said...

Mark attacks Reg Lt: 18(13+5) vs 19 miss
Doc attacks Reg Lt: 6(1+5) critical failure.
Thunderhorse RGAR autofire: 17(14+3) vs 10, hit area. Rg. Lt. Reflex 7 vs 15, fail. 8 dmg. Hp 16
Steve attacks Reg Lt: 18 vs 19, miss

Reg Lt move 25', attacks Mark, Slug: 13(7+6) vs. 17+2 cover, Miss
Reg Pvt, stunned
Reg Sgt 1 attacks crowd: 14 (9+5) vs 10, hit 12 dmg. Crowd-3
Reg Sgt 2 attacks crowd: 21(16+5) vs 10 hit 9 dmg. Crowd -2.25
Reg Lt 2 attacks crowd: 11 (5+6) vs 10, hit 11 dmg. Crowd - 2.75
Reg Cpt stunned

Round 4, 4:42 passed
Init pirates 16, time ops 13, crowd 6

Reg Lt move 25', attacks Mark, Slug: 23(17+6) vs. 17+2 cover, Hit. Mark 10 damage. HP 6
Reg Pvt, attacks crowd: 24(20+4) critical hit, 14 dmg. Crowd -3.5
Reg Sgt 1 attacks crowd: 13(8+5) hit, 9 dmg. Crowd -2.25
Reg Sgt 2 attacks crowd: 22(17+5) hit, 11 dmg. Crowd - 2.75
Reg Lt 2 attacks crowd: 25(19+6) hit, 4 dmg. Crowd -1
Reg Cpt attacks crowd, shotgun: 11(4+7), 13 dmg. Crowd -3.25

Mark RGAR autofire, 21(16+5) vs 10, hit area 16 dmg. Lt Reflex 24 vs 15, critical success. Miss
damn ghost in the dice, this bastard just won't die

Current crowd stats: 164 total
HP:659 Init:+0
Attack:+0 Def 10
18 stun guns
3 lethal weps
Damage: 98% 1d4 NL, 2% 1d6 Lethal; 10% Chance stun

Doc said...

"Shoot that sonofabitch!"


ERR said...

Doc attacks RgLt 1, PION: 15(10+5) vs 19, Miss
TH autofires RGAR: 23(20+3) vs 10 Crit hit, RgLt1 Reflex 7(3+4) vs 15. Hit 28 dmg. DEAD.
Steve Hacking check 45 vs. Pirates 32. Success
Crowd vs. Reg Pvt: Crit fail. HP 7 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 1: 1 hit, 2 dmg NL. HP 10 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 2: crit fail. HP 2 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Lt 2: 0 hits, HP 16 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Cpt: 1 hit, 2 dmg NL. HP 28, 14 NL

Round 5: 6:12 passed
Init: Crowd 17, Time ops 4, Pirates 3
Crowd vs. Reg Pvt: 1 hit, 3 dmg NL. HP 4 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 1: 0 hits HP 10 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Sgt 2: 1 hit, 3 dmg NL. HP -1 NL. KO
Crowd vs. Reg Lt 2: 0 hits HP 16 NL
Crowd vs. Reg Cpt: 1 hit, 1 crit hit. 11 dmg nl, HP 28, 3 NL

Crowd stats: 164
9 lethal weapons
Damage: 1d4 NL, 5% 1d6 L; 10% stun

Doc said...

Keep pushing and cajoling the crowd. Head for engineering taking out forces as they arrive.