Alcohol is an organic compound formed by the fermentation of sugars which has an intoxicating effect on most life forms. Its numbing effects allow the drinker to sustain increased levels of physical abuse and social embarrassment. However, it also impedes reactions both physical and mental, and impairs rational thought. It is an addicting substance that can have long term health effects, but many feel the short term bonuses and pleasure are worth it.

1 drink (shot/beer/glass of wine) grants the imbiber a temporary +1 HP, +1 to Str and Cha bonuses, and -1 to Int, Wis, and Dex bonuses for 1 hour.
Binge Drinking: A fortitude check must be made for each drink exceeding 1 per hour at DC 10 + 1 per drink over two, and +2 for each hour of binge drinking. Failure results in vomiting, critical failure may end in unconsciousness or even alcohol poisoning.

Heavy drinkers must double the rate of intake for equal effect, and are compelled to be under the influence at least half waking hours. Alcoholics must triple their intake and are compelled to be under the influence for the entire day.

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