Operative Etiquette

The Model Operative

The Model Operative first posts his name in bold. He then describes his actions in third person using plain text and avoiding errors inspelling and grammar. The Model Operative does not use internet acronyms or AOL Speak. The Model Operative then posts his game actions and any modifiers he believes is applicable in bold, followed by any meta comments or questions regarding rules and procedures in italics.

"Golly, posting sure is fun!" exclaims the Model Operative. "I wonder if I'm allowed to swear?"

Fuck, yeah, Model Operative. Let it loose, but stay in character.

"Sweet! I'm gonna go shave my balls and show them to my sister!"

That's great, Model Operative! But remember: don't sass the DM or he'll open a time rift to the big bang on your eyelids! Above all, have fun!

Create Writing: Blog (+3)

This system of posting will work well to keep the game organized and make it readable for our guests.


ERR said...

Model Operative's Sister, Claire

"EEEEW, you sick fuck!"

Claire stabs Model Operative with a letter opener.

Attack Model Operative +1 for Strength, Simple Blades Proficiency +1
Move away

This is an example of an attack

ERR said...

Claire attacks the Model Operative.

Roll: 9 + 2, HIT, 5 Damage

A direct hit on the jugular leaves the Model Operative bleeding to death on the floor.

Claire +10 XP

Poor, poor bastard.