There are many problems that arise when trying to exchange currency across timescapes, partly due to inflation, but mostly due to the confusion it causes. Paper money is worthless to a Roman merchant. A five dollar bill with Abraham Lincoln is blasphemous to residents of Earth 412-33.1 wherein the "Liberator of Slaves" did so by rendering them into gunpowder. Further complications arise in many sectors post greenhouse collapse, where carbon and energy credits are used and all currency exchange is handled by electronic banking.

The solution to these problems has been tenuously solved by the Banking Unification Network Services. The Automated Residual Savings Exchange machine in the galley will accept any form of currency, apply it to your personal savings account, and allow you to withdrawl from your account in any form you may need for a mission. Please note that as with all bureaucratic operating systems, the ARSE tends to make a mess of things now and then, so please double check to make sure the currency you receive is correct for the sector you intend to visit.

We would like to remind our associates visiting sectors using biometric banking to please refrain from removing fingers or eyes from fallen foes, as they tend to gum-up the ARSE, and high inflation rates in those eras do not often offset the cost of replacement parts.

Provided is a quick reference for exchange rates for currencies our Operatives have encountered. Exchange rates are listed at the BUNS' current listing for Q-Net credits ($).

United States, 2008 CE, Sector E517-11.3
Dollar - A paper note which, by strange coincidence, is currently valued at exactly $1
Cent - Coins of various alloys and denominations valued at $0.01.

United States, 2098 CE, Sector E632-42.1
Energy Credits (EC) - An electronic currency used in the later half of the 21st century after the great Energy Crisis of 2012. One energy credit is essentially a daily allowance for basic food and shelter. Its value varies greatly compared to resource based currencies such as gold, In the 2090s and early 2100s it is roughly valued at 13 EC per $1.

The Winterlands, ~1000 CE, Sector E447-66.8
Gar - A gold coin valued at roughly $200
Sil - A silver coin valued at roughly $20
Krum - A steel coin valued at approximately $2

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