Welcome, Operative!

Your attention to the important matters at hand is greatly appreciated. As you are probably well aware, your existence vector is under dire threat. I cannot be more specific at this time, however I can say that your originating time-space is in jeopardy. I have selected you for your unique talents and probability signature to assist in halting this threat, reversing it's effects, or at the very least escaping to a more stable reality. I cannot say that we will be successful. My teletemporalscopes, although precisely calibrated, cannot see past the uncertainty distortion created by the rifts spawning these threats. I can only say that we must succeed. Many of you may not survive, many of you may not exist by the time you read this. I may not even write this message and you may never be involved, and by your non-involvement your doom will be certain.

Anyway, before this gets too technically complex, let me apologize for any discomfort or psychological effects the dimensional shift you experienced may have caused you. There's coffee in the galley, and a complementary welcome package in your quarters, to which the Host will guide you shortly. In it you will find some comforts of your era. Please make yourself at home and introduce yourself to the other operatives. Please exercise caution, however, as certain operatives from less advanced societies may react poorly to their new surroundings; if you are feeling up to it I would appreciate it if you helped them acclimate, but do not feel obligated to do so.

Another communique will be issued shortly, once all the guests have arrived. Again, I apologize for any confusion or discomfort.

Thank you again,

Dr. Steven Ritenrong