The Q-Net or Quantum Net is a data network consisting of several trillion servers, personal computers, hand held devices, mind-links, and dumb terminals joined by a series quantum-entangled routers and electromagnetic relays. It is capable of superluminal, transtemporal, and transdimensional communication, and is perfectly secure in transmittal of information (excepting end-point hijacking and user incompetence).

While it is primarily used to share pornography and copyrighted entertainment materials, it has some value as a reference guide. Q-Net users can expand on its store of information by submitting articles to the Reference Guide server, where they will remain unedited, unmoderated, unbalanced, and generally inaccurate.

Q-Net is also often used for transfer of money, goods, and services. The Banking Unification Network was one of the first companies to tap into the power Q-Net (after the initial bubble burst, of course), and is now the standard banking system of the entire galaxy.

The problem of shipping goods across time, space, and dimensions has been tentatively resolved by the invention of matter replication devices. Simple goods may be purchased as replication patterns and generated by a replicator, however replication is a new technology at the furthest reaches of occupied time and is in dire need of refinement. The current most popular store on Q-Net is Q-Mart, partly because of the brutal annihilation of their primary competitors, E-Dock, but mostly because of their outrageously low prices.

Interested in joining the Q-Net? Q-Mart is now offering a special on second generation I-Browse, only $399.95! Act now and receive free installation of the brain-link of your choice. Several styles to choose from! (Cost of brain-link not included. Offer available only in sectors within Platinum Medical Services insurance network.)

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