Training Adjustment Again

Okay, I think I got this worked out. There's no more hierarchy system. Skills is skills, and ranks is ranks. No multipliers.

1 Skill point or $1000 buys 1 + ability bonus Non-Combat Training ranks.

Skills are no longer very generalized or very specific. Jump is jumping. Bluffing is bluffing. Check the Hypertext d20 and the WOTC links to the right for lists and descriptions (On the WOTC link check the SRD links for System Reference Documents).

The only difference is some consolidation. For instance Craft Electronics, Repair, and Disable device under the d20 Modern system are all the same skill: Electronics. If you have ranks in Electronics, you can use, craft, repair, or disable electronic devices. Same for Mechanics, Architecture, Chemistry, etc.

I also just discovered the Skill Synergies which I think is an idea good enough to rip off-I mean use, or should I say "leverage" because that's all the fucking rage nowadays. Anyway, the gist is for every 5 ranks in one skill you get +2 in another related skill. DM's discretion.

Character sheets have been adjusted, everything is pretty close to where it was, excepting the ridiculous.


Doc said...

Damn. I like ridiculous. But what ever you want to run with is fine. I am so totally absorbed by the story that I have no problems with the math, but I know you do, just don't kill me off in some damn fool random roll. I'd be pissed, and I know where you live.

I am looking forward to playing this out for many, many years. This is the first time I have ever been a player in a game (as opposed to being the DM) and I've chewed my nails as to how it would turn out. I am entranced!

I want to visit every stretch of time you could name, but more importantly, I want you to take me there. I want to see the Franco-Prussian War, I want to see the Aztecs conquer the Olmecs, I want to see Cathrine The Great die while sucking off a horse, and only you can do it. You have provided me with the ideal partner and the means to do it, as well as the ecentric scientist who makes it all possible. I can't wait to meet the pilot! He will be a hoot! He can't be any worse than the autopilot. After all, We spent the time to take up a collection for the poor boy's funeral only to have the ship burst into flames on our departure and the entire ship sinks to the bottom of the lake. Hell, should divers ever explore it, I'm sure they will be a little puzzled by some Nordic pieces of silver that were found in a hat. That is the kind of thing that provides a thesis or two.

Honestly, I could give a fuck about the math, just so long as it doesn't interfere with the story. You are the DM and you have final say. Just don't Dick me on a roll and the whole thing ends. That is all I ask. I feel I have invested myself into this character. I have never built one as close to me as this. He does as I would do had I been there. Not only that, but this is a game with some immediacy. Sure, we don't get the chance to sit for six hours on end and drink beer and see how the story plays out, but because of the WWW we get to play every day and there isn't the inconvience of interuptions like putting the kids to bed, or answering the phone. I know at first you were a little hesitant to do it in a blog format, but Damn It, this works great. It is almost like the "pick-a-path" books of old, only better, as the reader, And the writer have much more influence on the outcome.

Don't be shy about doing a short post. I've started checking in at least twice a day just to see how the story progresses. I feel like a housewife who watches her soap operas. I am hooked on the next big twist in the tale and I can't hardly wait to see how this shakes out.

The math is up to you, as I can't be bothered, but just keep it this side of fair. Any questions about rules are yours to decide as you see fit, as this is your world and your story to tell. As long as it isn't grossly out of wack, hell, I'm your man. You spin a hell of a yarn and I look forward to every installment like getting my next blowjob.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I am having a wonderful time. Go ahead, play with it a bit. You are not about to lose me over some stupid rule, just as long as I get to call you on it later.

BTW, I will no longer be adding what I think are Bonuses to my roll. I will give you what I have to add and you decide what applies.

Kudos, and Good Luck!


Doc said...

I know Russian AND Japanese now? I must have spent a lot of time not getting laid.


ERR said...

Yeah, Since languages in the traditional rules are sort of "rank one, know one" I decided since in this system you get 4 ranks for the price of one, you get four languages instead.

I figured if Doc is an archeologist, he would have studied foreign languages in order to read ancient maps and manuscripts.