The best dog in all of history, Saffron the Puppy Toes, went on to eternity last night. She was a German Shepard - Chao mix, crazy as hell, but a vigilant and loving defender of her family. Unfortunately, as she aged she was becoming more irritable and less discerning. While she thought she was defending the house from strangers, she turned on the wrong person, her daddy and my good friend, Will. She bit his hand rather badly, requiring a hospital trip. With three big dogs and a baby on the way, an aggressive dog like Toes with a deteriorating sense of friend and foe could no longer be contained in such a small house, and the decision was made to put her down. RIP Saffron.

I have been actually working at work lately and doing chores for the woman at home, and have not had much time to write this week. Next up is some background on Steve and the outlines for the next mission.
Doc, are you going to post "Twas a Rough Night" or can I use it to jump off with the next chapter? I didn't want to read the draft but then I saw the comments on "Killing Time" so I did and it is good.

In the mean time, here's some comics I quite enjoy:
Dr. McNinja
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
The Order of the Stick
Viz Comics, via the Something Awful forums
A sample:

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