Thunder Slings and Things

The ride back to the Younger Brother Pear is as quiet and unremarkable as tearing through the atmosphere at Mach 22, entering free-fall, and orbiting Earth can possibly be. At least the pressure changes help with the ringing in Doc's ear. While the Pu circles around the planet lining up for docking with the mother ship, Doc browses the Q-Net.

He finds a couple references to the Chesapeake. The last time he looked, there was very little. Now, there is just a little more. A few UFO conspiracy sites from deep in the archives of Earth's old Internet claim that the boat was abducted by aliens, siting scattered accounts of eye-witnesses in the Toledo area. Skeptics claim the sighting was nothing more than a meteor.

A more recent Q-Net entry sites a natural gas mining expedition to the bottom of Lake Erie found the Chesapeake. Questions were raised when old Norse currency was found amongst the wreckage, along with two used .44 caliber bullets and some synthetic fiber gauze not used until the late 21st century. A few episodes of Mysterious Mysteries were dedicated to the subject, with very poor ratings. With the advent of faster-than-light travel and the resulting consequences of time dilation, these kinds of anachronisms became commonplace and whole thing was chalked up to space pirates.

Dr. Ritenrong also searches the 'net for answers. His fingers are lightning across the Pu's consoles as he looks at blueprints, equations, fashion designers, and a whole slew of nonsense that only he, apparently, can understand.

Thunderhorse takes a nap, snoring loudly. The loud bang of the ship entering the Younger Brother Pear's hanger and locking into place wakes him up. Gravity returns.

"Sure thing, fella!" the autopilot says, in a different tone than last time, possibly attempting to convey some other message but finding its self unable to. Everyone unbuckles, gets up, and stretches out.

Steve speaks. "Doc, Thunderhorse, get the horses up top, then make yourselves at home. We'll be in orbit for a while. I've got to fix this stupid robot and analyze this coat so I can figure out what we need to do next. If you need anything, just ask the Host. I'll be on deck three if you need me. Autopilot, please follow me to the robotics lab."

"Sure thing, fella," the old tones chime. He gets up and follows the professor off the ship.

Doc and Thunderhorse go to the cargo area. Doc begins reloading the Jeep's equipment while Thunderhorse ponders the magnetic locks holding the horses' hooves to the floor.

"Why do they not move?" he asks, puzzled as he tugs at the reigns, trying to lead them.

Doc examines the locks briefly. There's a simple green button which disengages the electromagnets. Lightning snorts and paws his hoof in relief. Thunderhorse sees him do this, and begins unlocking hooves with him. At least he can learn. Doc notices there's quite a mess of manure and horse piss on the floor. Poor things must've been literally scared shitless when the ship started moving.

"Slep and Nir," says Thunderhorse as they're unloading the horses from the Pu. "That is what I shall call them. That is what Odin's horse was called, and between them there are eight legs. They are very fast, too. But not as fast as Lightning," he boasts, proudly.

The two lead the horses out of the hanger and into the hallway. "Thunderhorse, I'm sorry I got mad earlier. You did the right thing. You did exactly what I told you. I was only mad because I was afraid for you. You're the only friend I have in this crazy world and I don't want to see you hurt. I will protect you, especially from the thunder slings."

"No, I understand. I did not realize how loud those thing are. They truly summon thunder. It is frightening, I admit. But the ones who wield them are weak. They rely too much on them, but they are big and slow. I can defeat them easily. Yours is much different, though. It summons thunder much faster."

They round the corner and reach the elevator. Doc hits the button. "There are some that are even faster, and some that are even louder. Sometimes both. I'll have to teach you how to use them, so you understand when to avoid them." The elevator arrives. They get in. "Deck one, please," Doc orders. The elevator silently slides upwards.

"I can wield this power, as well? I don't know. When I sink my axe into someone's skull, I know for sure they will be dead soon." Thunderhorse smiles at this in a rather scary way.

The elevator doors open to the observation deck. It's just as green and lush as it was before. "To destroy your enemy you must know your enemy. Let me teach you."

Thunderhorse nods. "As you wish."

The Earth spins slowly above them.


ERR said...

Next time, Doc explores the ship while Thunderhorse discovers the wonders of guns and television.

Anyplace you'd like to go, specifically?

Doc said...

Well, I've given this a little thought. Write WHATEVER you want, but I have a few suggestions.

Let me hang out with Dr. Steve while he fixes the auto-pilot and he tells me about his time.

Let me hang out with Thunderhorse and watch t.v. and then have a beer and brush the horses as he talkes about the horses and his woman, and he tells me more about his time.

Let me go to my room to watch holovids about new surgery techniques and fall asleep and dream of my time.

Should you wade your way through any, all, or none of the above suggestions, I have alternatives to choose from. These are suggestions to plot.

Such As:

GO GET THE PILOT; This might prove to be a much more fruitful mission than rescueing Dr. Steve, and will provide us with enough experience to perhaps break the level two mark. You know, a nice short "there and back again." After all, the autopilot has proven himself unworthy as he fried/drowned the last group of people who ever saw us in 1835 Toledo. We should return here in a far distant adventure, say a year from now. Whatever that works out in game terms.


Why don't we rescue Thunderhorse's Woman? We have access to the weapons of the future now and Thunderhorse CAN be taught how to shoot. Could we have a story where I teach him to shoot. Could we do this in a holodeck type thing, or perhaps a video game, somewhere safe?

Is their a past that Dr. Steve would like to explore? A lost love, a bad descion, a moment of regret?

What about me? I am a man naked before you, tabla rosa. I have a few lines of background, but nothing more. I have journeyed far from home and thrown in my lot with these people. Who am I? What do I know of 2098 CE? Do I have family? That might be an adventure in and of itself.


"The Wreck Of The Sea-Venture" On July 15th, 1609, the ship who was part on an eight vessel convoy spied a hurricane. They used beef to stopper the holes in the hull when the oakum ran out. Defying Captain Christopher Newport they broke open the ship's liquors and "drunk one to the other, taking their last leaveone of the otheruntil their more joyful and happt meeting in a more blessed world." They wrecked in Bermuda
on july 28th. On Wikiapedia, look under Sea-venture, C. Newport, Starving Time (Jamestown)


Just totally confound me.

You're good at that.