Some Confusion of Causality.

With little difficulty, Doc gets the Python fired up. "Go to Sundial Studios," he asks the computer.

The computer responds with a list of companies registered as Sundial Studios.

Doc refines the search. "Sundial Studios, Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

No results.

"What the hell? Okay, give me the listings for Nadine Valia."

No results.

"Fuck me runnin'. Show me the listings for Nadine McClaren, Milwaukee, Wisconsin"

There is one entry. Her home address is a mid level apartment on the south side. Her work address is at VelociTech Stardrive Systems near the Milwaukee Mile race track.

"Okay, what about Dmitri Valia?"

No results.

"Show me Dmitri Valia anywhere on Earth?"

One result. It's in Khara, a small mining village in the middle of Siberia.

"Something ain't right at all."


Doc said...


"Well maybe they met over the internet..."

You are making this hard on purpose. I'm sorry! I thought I posted a comment on the last post ages ago and I wondered why you weren't getting back to me. Turns out I didn't post at all and I was holding up the game, now I don't know what to do. Go to her apartment and give her a call. Maybe I can convince her that she is some modern day Sarah Conner.


ERR said...

No, no, you weren't holding up the game. You just gave me too much time to think of something devious.