Cpt. Alyss L Valia

Name: Alyss Lin Valia
Rank: Captain
Faction: Earth Defense Forces, Star Force
Flight Group: SF Alpha Six, Flight Leader
Marital Status: Single
Primary Residence: Munich, Germany, Earth
Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Earth
Date of Birth: July 18, 2173
Education: MIT, Class of '89. Mohave Aerospace Accademy, Class of '93. PhD in Aerospace Science, Masters in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Flight Hours as of '99: 9,360
Interests: Robotics, Racing, Dancing, Backpacking

Congressional Medal of Honor. Purple Heart. Star Force Cross. Formula X Racing World Series Championship 2196-2199. MIT Robotic Combat Championship 2189.

Criminal Record/Reprimands: 64 Civilian moving violations. Piloting an experimental vehicle through civilian airspace. Piloting an experimental vehicle through military airspace. 23 unauthorized fly-by's. 8 Flight plan violations. Piloting military vehicles through civilian air space in a non-emergency. Piloting civilian vehicles through military airspace. 3 Altitude and Noise violations. Destruction of property, OVI, and assault. Currently owes 360 hours community service.

Born to Dmitri Valia and Nadine McClaren who both worked for VelociTech Stardrive Systems. Alyss was exposed to physics and engineering at a very young age, and proved to be an exceptionally gifted and talented young girl. She graduated MIT at 16 and earned a PhD at 18. She graduated top of her class in flight school at 20.

Holds several patents relating to ALICE-5 Combat EVA suit power systems, flight controls, and environmental regulators.

She earned Ace status while on her first tour cleaning Exkorean forces from the asteroid belt. In her first combat encounter, she engaged and destroyed 4 XNU-Vipers. She got her fifth kill on the very next mission, as well as two more. Also served several tours in the Kuiper belt theater. In all she has scored 338 kills, the standing record for EDF Star Force, and holds Top Ace status. She still wishes to surpass the Luftwaffe's Erich Hartmann's 352 and become the Top Ace of All Time.

On August 4th, 2195, Cpt. Valia's SF-112 Starfire flight group was on an anti-sattelite sweep near Ceres. A squadron of 18 XNU-Stealth Vipers and one EK-Deathbus Transport attacked from a hidden Exkorean asteroid base. Her flight group was destroyed and nearly all captured. Captain Valia used her remaining oxygen supply and a superheated piece of titanium from the wreckage of her Starfire to cut through the cockpit window of the transport. She then piloted the transport back into Allied space with a massive hull breach and a limited oxygen supply, nearly suffocating in the process. Five of her six member flight group survived the encounter thanks to her bravery and ingenuity.

On May 27th, 2197, Alyss Valia was arreseted for assault, destruction of property, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. According to the police report, she had gotten into an argument with her ex-boyfriend earlier in the day. She went on to win a FX race that day, and consumed a magnum of chapagne on the podium. Intoxicated and upset from the conversation earlier, she commondeered the Ferarri-Schumacher FX Hover racer, tore through civillian, commercial, and military airspace at extremely illegal speeds, and broke the sound barrier at ground level just outside her ex-boyfriend's house, shattering he and his neighbors' windows. She then came back and landed on his personal vehicle. When he came out to confront her, she headbutted him with her helmet still on, knocking him out cold. She did not resist arrest when the police arrived shortly thereafter. Ferrari-Schumacher did not press charges for theft, but instead payed her extensive legal bill.

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Doc said...


Thanks! This is what I needed.

Go to the door and knock. Greet her warmly and ask if I can come in. Keep the I-Browse handy as if I'm taking notes. Should she ask to see my museum badge, show her, but try and cover the date with my thumb if I have to.

"Ms. McClaren, I've come to ask you a bit about your family. I'm working on a ground breaking book that includes the history of the most prominent Milwaukee familys. The government has commisioned a healthy stipend for this book and my boss, Mr. T. H. Horse is looking to expand our civil war wing. So if I could just have fifteen minutes of your time I would be truly grateful."

Ask a few general questions about her parents, e.g. work history and general back story, father's name, birthplace, mother's name and maiden name, birthplace, grandparents, etc., but seem a little excited about the info as if everything is falling into place.

Then ask her about Alyss. Should she seem confused, as I expect she would be, suggest that perhaps she has a cousin named Nadine McClaren and I have the wrong person. Give her a moment to think it through while I pull up Alyss's file on the I-browse.

If she continues to seems dumbsquizzled, rattle off a few facts: war hero, student, patents, etc., and show her the records, then mention the husband and how they have been married for thirty years.

By now she is going to be confused, so offer her some explanation.

"Ms. McClaren, may I be frank? I'm about to tell you something that you may never repeat. I am only sharing this with you as you seem like an honest person and I feel I can trust you. Part of my work for the Smithsonian involves fact finding tours to provide vital information to authors and historians the world over. Some of these tours involve time travel. And I totaly understand your confusion, as I do this sort of thing so often that I'm not certain if I am coming or going, but the truth of the matter is I'm looking for a person that is somehow related to you. Sure you have heard about the ban on time travel, but the government was crafty enough to include a small clause about 'educational purposes' and here I am. Forgive me if I sound forward, but what do you know about Alyss Lin Valia?"

Her confusion is probably mounting. Let me sway her.

"Forgive me, but I am at a loss to find Ms. Valia. Is there some connection between you and Dmitri Valia? Have you ever worked together? Spoken? Have you ever been to Russia?"

Try and pin her down on a day or date. With this and Steve's help, maybe we can fix things. A Russian bar and fixing up a blind date, no problem. Document everything, as I'm assuming that the I-Browse can take dictation or voice records. We may need to study them later.

Is it possible to spend two chi? I'd like to hedge my bet as much as possible, as I'm asking a woman about a child she never had. Weird; but then again, you do write the strangest adventures, but I love 'em.