Meet Dmitri, Part 2

"Mr. Valia, in all honesty, I am not who I say I am. I have lied to you and I am truly sorry. I have misrepresented myself, but in my defense, I did it to protect you."

Dmitri is unmoved. "To protect me from what? Knowing that you would steal my secrets? Does your mind ray not work if I am aware of it?"

"I have no connection to VelociTec Stardrives, and while I'm certain your ideas are brilliant, I couldn't care less."

"I don't believe you." Dmitri slams back another glass of vodka.

"My name IS Dr. Lucas Shaw and I am a historian for the Smithsonian museum, and the ID card is correct. You see, Mr. Valia, as unbelievable as this sounds, I'm not so much interested in you as I am the daughter you never had."

Doc has caught his attention at last. "What are you talking about?"

"You see, I am a time traveler and I find myself caught up in saving the universe. It turns out that this can't be done unless you sire the greatest pilot the universe has ever known. Her name is Alyss Valia and her mother is Nadine McClaren. Here are their pictures and histories." Doc gives him the I-Browse, displaying the files of the mother and daughter.

"Hah. Time traveler." Dmitri takes it and looks closely.

"There. I've laid all my cards out on the table. I'm in trouble bad and you are the only person in all of time who can help me. I need to find a person who doesn't exist and you are her dad. I have just come from her would-be mother and I find myself on your doorstep and at your mercy. If you cannot help me, everything that has ever been or ever will be is lost. From all of my research, you SHOULD have been hired by VelociTec Stardrives. You SHOULD have met Nadine McClaren and have found your soulmate. You SHOULD have reaped billions in patents and enjoyed the life of the independently wealthy and pursued the experiments and inventions of your dreams. Forgive my deception from before, but there are those who would seek our demise. And these people will stop at nothing to insure that we wink out of existence in the blink of an eye. You are wise to be a little paranoid and block their transmissions with the foil. That has proven very successful in several of the case studies I've read. In essence, Mr. Valia, I've come to set things right and I can't do it without your help. I've come to turn back time and give you the break you should have gotten. If you turn me away now, you may as well shoot me in the head, as I could never bare to witness the end. You come from noble stock and I'm certain that there is good in you. Would it be too much to risk telling me a few tales of yourself in the small chance that it might save the universe? I know that this is more than a little to odd, but you are my only hope. So how about it?"

Dmitri pauses for a moment. He looks closely at the portrait of his daughter. He looks up at Doc. He throws the I-Browse at him and threatens to do the same with the bottle of vodka. "GET OUT!" he shouts. "Why do you say such evil, heartless things?! What kind of trick is this? Playing on the heart of an old, lonely, broken man! You will never get my secrets! They will die with me, as my family dies with me!" He throws the bottle.

The face of the bottle hits Doc square on the forehead with a glassy thunk! It spins backwards to the ground where it shatters, splashing the 100 proof alcohol all over the floor and Doc's pants.


ERR said...

Doc Persuasion 24(11+13) vs. 26. Failed. XP+3
Initiative Doc 13, Dmitri 18
Dmitri attacks Doc (Vodka bottle, thrown) 16 (20-4) Critical hit! 4 dmg. Doc HP 6

I think roll luck is like stage luck. Next time try saying 'break a leg.'

Doc said...


Break a leg and get the fuck out. We are going to have to do this without his help. But be sure and grab the I-Browse on my way out the door.

At least I still have one bottle of vodka to help me keep the troops in line.

Call Steve and tell him we came up snake-eyes and see what he wants us to do. Frankly, I'm ready to head back in time and get away from the future for a while. It seems like everyone wants to lay me or slay me here.