Nadine, Part 2

Doc clears his throat. "Ms. McClaren? I'm Dr. Lucas Shaw. I'm a researcher for the Smithsonian Museum. Perhaps you've heard of it? I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may. Have you got a moment?"

"What is this about?" she asks.

"I'm studying the history of certain American families." Doc replies. He doesn't like to lie outright, but there's no harm in bending the truth a bit. Besides, he's damn good at it. "I'd like to ask you some questions about your family background."

Nadine hesitates a moment. "You got ID?" she asks.

Doc just so happens to have his Smithsonian ID badge in his wallet, even though it's a hundred years outdated now. He hopes she can't see the expiration date as he produces it for her.

"Okay," she replies, to Doc's relief. "Come on down."

The intercom disconnects and the elevator door slides open.

"Stay with the ship," Doc tells Thunderhorse. "Don't let anyone poke their nose around it. Tell Kom-Pu-Tor to call me if there's trouble."

"I understand," says Thunderhorse, anxious to get back to drinking. "Good luck."

"Don't drink all my beer, either."

"I will try."

Doc gets on the elevator. It already knows where to take him. He checks his I-Browse on the way down. Still no Q-Net connection, since there's no quantum routers in this era, and the Younger Brother Pear is nowhere in range. Fortunately, Dr. Ritenrong had sent all the information he'd gathered to Doc's device during the mission briefing. Doc reviews the entries on Alyss Valia.

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ERR said...

Doc Bluff 17(8+9) vs. Nadine Sense Motive 15(10+5), Success. XP+15